Kaiser Serajuddin: This is Kaiser. Today on Super-Trainer, I’m talking to Billy Polson, the big time personal trainer out of San Francisco and one of the top trainers in America a matter of fact and that’s not just my opinion. Men’s Journal called you that. Thanks for coming on and talking to me today, Billy.

Billy Polson: Sure. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes. Now the first thing I wanted to talk to you about, I heard a little bit about how you got started in this business and it sounds like a pretty interesting story how personal training wasn’t your first career option. Can you talk about that?

Billy Polson: Yes, definitely. I grew up as an athlete just doing sports in high school, college. I was actually a cheerleader in college but thanks to my mom, she definitely felt like I needed to pursue more of a computer, more of a standard career path, so my studying in school is all focused around statistics.

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Kaiser Serajuddin: Mom is too much [Phonetic] of a personal trainer. Into fitness, I mean. But anyway, go ahead …

Billy Polson: Yes. And so I took that statistics view, the computer programming for my work for about seven years but definitely doing teaching and training, coaching a couple of different teams on the side, never really thinking it would be much of a career path for me. And honestly, I just got to the point that training was my passion and I was definitely not into the computers and it was not what I was enjoying doing sitting behind a desk all day.

So about nine years ago, I started studying and kind of heading fast in a different direction and I got my first personal training certificate through ACE and slowly just started changing my day to day from computers to training. So I went from four days a week of computers and one day of training to three days computers, two days training and slowly just changed it into doing personal training for five and [0:02:09] [Indiscernible]. It’s definitely life-changing, the best change of my life for sure.

Kaiser Serajuddin: That is awesome. It’s really surprising to me how many of the top trainers I talk to, they have a story pretty similar to yours. It wasn’t really their top thing but it’s just their passion that they pursue.

Billy Polson: Oh, really? Oh, that’s interesting to hear. That’s good to know actually. It definitely – I think when it is in your heart and it is something you’re passionate about, I think it makes all the difference of the quality of the training that you provide to people because it doesn’t feel like a job.

It definitely feels like – you say you are going in and your clients honestly, they’re kind of like your experiments. You know, you’re doing the best you can do to help take them to places that they didn’t think they could take themselves or to improve themselves. And if you do that as a job, you will definitely treat it a lot more generically than if you do each one of them as an individual that you’re really trying to make a difference in who they are and what they’re doing. So yes, it’s great. It’s definitely in your heart [Indiscernible] it’s a huge difference.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes, absolutely. Just from hearing you talk about it, I can really tell your heart is in it.