Kaiser here. You’re watching me as part of the blog on Super-Trainer.com where we break down the personal training business for what it really is and I just wanted to record a little video to accompany a post I just wrote.

It was about the personal training degree being offered by Purdue University which is pretty cool. It’s a landmark thing. No one ever offered a degree in personal training before that. There are degrees in things like kinesiology and sports science but never in just personal training.

So I wanted to talk about that a little more and talk about whether or not it was a good or bad thing and if you read the post, you’re going to know that I don’t think it is a good thing. So I have to put such a heavy standard on – a heavy credential for someone to get started in the personal training business. The way you see training practice today for the most part is it’s a leadership. It’s a mentorship position. It’s where you live something yourself and you get that emotion, that motivation across another person. I don’t think a degree can really capture that. It’s something you got to live. It’s something you got to – that has got to be a part of you all the time.

So those are really the things I had against it. What you see for the most part with people in universities that are studying a profession is they want to get the credential and they want to get out.

They cram for their tests and oftentimes will forget everything they learn right after the test is over and that type of system, that’s not going to work in training the way that most people want to practice it. To have a high-paying client base, to have freedom, to create your own schedule, to really live the fitness lifestyle. I mean a personal training degree, that might help you get a job at a health club. That’s something totally different. That’s long hours, crappy pay. That’s the whole corporate world and I don’t really think that’s what most trainers want.

They may want to open their own business one day or take this somewhere else but a degree isn’t really necessary for that. So I just want to make that distinction in the post. So just read up on it. I have a few links in there and you can find out more and just make up your own mind on the whole subject. All right. So just want to share that. Thanks.