Participant: Normally, I mean if it’s – they can get to go into the same place.

Participant: Paid subscription.

Participant: Paid subscription or not.

Sam Bakhtiar: Which one is cheaper?

Participant: The $600.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. And that’s exactly what my wife thought when she had her business. Well, magazines and newspapers, we have what’s called a distribution. OK? They never tell you about distribution. They say, OK, well, it’s going to [Indiscernible]. Well, how many homes in Chino Hills?

Participant: Right.

Sam Bakhtiar: This one is for $800. You’re now going to say 10,000, right? This one is $600 and I go to 5000. So this is actually – you see the difference?

Participant: Yeah [0:00:50] [Indiscernible].

Participant: [Indiscernible] 400 bucks basically.

Sam Bakhtiar: Absolutely.

Participant: Right.

Sam Bakhtiar: Absolutely. So you want to ask about the distribution rate and here’s another thing. We see it in our industry. Oh, I make six figures. I make seven figures. I do this. I do that. Here’s how much I did last month. Show me the receipt. If they mailed out this many, there’s a postal form that they have to fill out and the United States Postal Service verifies that this many actually got mailed out.

Participant: OK.

Sam Bakhtiar: Ask for them to produce it and if they’re ethical, they will produce it.

Participant: What’s that called?

Sam Bakhtiar: It’s a form. I forgot exactly, the form – I don’t know exactly what form.

Participant: Some kind of postal form?

Sam Bakhtiar: It’s a number. There’s a number. It’s like the United Postal Service verification that this many went out. Billboards, you can talk about billboards in a highway …

Participant: Like major highways in the city.

Sam Bakhtiar: I will think that’s more for [Indiscernible] I think depending on the price, I don’t know what those billboards are. But if that’s more for branding, I would say that would work more for branding and people to have a lot of locations.

Participant: [0:02:10] [Indiscernible]

Participant: They have a pretty volatile differentiated thing. Like we have highway 75 which was parallel to our main highway and it’s literally less than a mile apart and they go through Houston to Dallas like that. You go to highway 75 which is somewhat the obvious [Indiscernible]. It gets its fair share of traffic with it [Indiscernible] pay for the art. If you go over to like the highway, I mean you can touch on the thousands easy. Some of them are 800. Some of them are brands …

Sam Bakhtiar: Let me ask you a question. How many times you bought something you saw on the billboard?

Participant: I don’t think I ever have.

Sam Bakhtiar: What about you Michael?

Participant: One time but it was a shoe. No, seriously. It was a shoe that had a spring in it called the Gravity Defyer.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. So …

Participant: It was something small.

Sam Bakhtiar: But out of all the times – so it was a shoe and it was like in a shoe store or was that on the internet.

Participant: On the internet.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK.

Participant: It was – yeah, I know what you mean. Like I passed five millions of billboards.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK.

Participant: Yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: How about John?

Participant: I bought some [Indiscernible].

Sam Bakhtiar: Whoa. I’m like OK.

Participant: Nothing.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. Nothing?

Participant: Never. Oh McDonald’s 2 for 2.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. Again, big large corporation brand. You know what I mean? Ally [Phonetic], anything …


Sam Bakhtiar: All right. Do you ever buy …

Participant: Probably fast food.

Sam Bakhtiar: Fast food. OK.

Participant: Yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: Big corporation type.

Participant: Yeah.

Participant: Yeah, same thing.

Participant: I bought iPad 2 but after. It didn’t inspire me. I just bought it because I knew it was good but nothing inspired me to buy it.

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. So basically, we went on the internet and we bought from big corporations with big brands, right? We didn’t stop at a local joint. Oh, Sam’s Personal Training in Chino. Stop by [Indiscernible]. Again, depending on the price, I’m not going to say it’s not going to work but I will tell you one thing that is going to work.

Participant: Car wraps.

Sam Bakhtiar: Yeah, for sure.

Participant: Yeah.

Participant: With billboards, I normally notice the billboard of a company that’s a local company after I’ve been to the business. Then I notice there are billboards and I know the name now and I never saw the billboard before …


Participant: … would say to record the message, call this number.

Participant: I did a truck wrap and it never worked for me but that’s like saying I put up a website and it didn’t work because the website was shit. So the [Indiscernible].


Participant: … it would have a flyer box like I have in my facility. I have a flyer box. Look at the real estate. You want to see how they flood the market with real estate box flyers in it.


Sam Bakhtiar: How can you not make money from it? It’s a walking – it’s kind of walking but it’s advertisement on wheels, right?

Participant: Yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: And you can probably go get a used sign for like 200 bucks a month. Wrap it up and put it on a busy street or every time you’re driving as long as you have an offer in it. And it’s a call to action and I think it’s going to definitely work.

Participant: Yeah, there’s [Indiscernible] which is like a logo and phone number. So …


Sam Bakhtiar: So what is this going to do for me? Oh yeah, it’s …

Participant: It’s the end website.

Sam Bakhtiar: It’s the brand that – the boot camp brand everybody knows, right?

Participant: What would be a good thing to put in a car wrap? USP and website, prerecorded message …

Sam Bakhtiar: I will put a before and after.

Participant: Of course like social proof and a call to action proof …

Sam Bakhtiar: I would put an offer. I would just go and write some offer. I don’t know if – you know, like call for a prerecorded message and it will be that long for them to do that but I will put an offer and a USP definitely.

Participant: So that lose weight probably is one of our most possible cause. Call this number, social proof. Now can you put your …


Participant: That’s what I was going to ask. It’s like three weeks for 47 bucks. Just put that on there too?

Sam Bakhtiar: Yeah. I mean the bottom line is people want to know the bottom line.

Participant: Yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: You know what I mean? That’s the bottom line is that they know – they got to call. They got to find out somehow and if they got a way to find out [Indiscernible] never call you, isn’t that interesting? So [Indiscernible] I can try that. So it’s a low barrier which we offer. It’s a no-brainer. If they’re interested that much in losing weight, if they can’t spend $47 for three weeks, then I don’t know what to tell you. They’re probably not …


Participant: [0:06:50] [Indiscernible]

Sam Bakhtiar: It’s a legitimate tax write-off. A matter of fact, to let you know, I have somebody who’s going to come in and talk about that and talk about all the different tax write-offs and all that kind of stuff that nobody ever talked about. So let’s recap.

Participant: Sam, can we touch one place here real quick? Like these two with businesses, what’s your take on like getting in the businesses, which kinds of businesses and how to really position yourself when you go in there?

Sam Bakhtiar: That’s really easy. If you – you don’t want to go approach a business and say – first of all, you want to approach business that say – serve the same people as you want to serve. You said like a [Indiscernible] like beauty shop, nail shop, all kinds of salon. This isn’t [0:07:43] [Indiscernible], right? But you can’t be [Indiscernible] hey, I’m a trainer. Here’s what I do and let’s network. Hey, my name is Sam. I own Fitness Concepts. We’re one of the best and the busiest fitness centers in town. Now I will have to introduce myself and I’m looking for a place to send my clients to.

Participant: OK.

Sam Bakhtiar: Would it be OK if I sent people to you?

Participant: So it’s the same thing. OK. Yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: And how would I be able to – and that’s it. Walk away.

Participant: OK. I got it.

Sam Bakhtiar: Don’t say another word because if you say another word, oh by the way, let me give you my card. Don’t do it at that time because as soon as you say that, they’re like, “Did he really come for that or did he not?” The only reason that he came here – people can read right through you.

Participant: Right.

Sam Bakhtiar: If they say, oh, the only reason that you came here is because you wanted to do – you want to do that. They don’t want to go for it. So first time, go there and just introduce yourself and tell them you want to send them business. Step number two, actually send them a business. The best way to get a referral is to …

Participant: Send a referral.

Sam Bakhtiar: Exactly.

Participant: I got you.

Sam Bakhtiar: And then you’re in. After that, you can go in there. Hey, [Indiscernible] oh great, great. Awesome. Hey, by the way, if there’s anybody that needs training, here is my card [0:09:02] [Indiscernible].

Participant: Cool.

Sam Bakhtiar: Anything else? This is huge. If you can get into different businesses and corporations and do what I call a lunch and learn, then really speak to them [Inaudible] and give them a lot of value, you will sign up a lot of people. Why do you think there are live events?

Participant: [0:09:25] [Indiscernible] Michael did a long time ago with the realtor’s office.

Participant: Oh, yeah. It was huge. That actually really helped me out, yeah.

Sam Bakhtiar: Yeah. Yeah. So to recap, definitely concentrate on the free stuff. Let’s try that with that new method we talked about.

Participant: Test it.

Sam Bakhtiar: Test it, right? It’s not a bad idea. It’s a tax write-off. It’s not that much money. If you’re willing to shave off some unnecessary expenses, that [Indiscernible] branding and goodwill and all that kind of stuff. But differentiate.

Participant: When you say a tax write-off, what do you mean? It’s like oh, you’re marketing the tax write-offs so [Indiscernible].