What’s up Super-Trainers!

Its Dave Peterson, I’m out in Vegas with Sam at the 7Figure Retreat and he left his computer out so I’m taking over Super-Trainer.com. I still can’t believe his computer password is BieberfeverXoXo.

We’re having a kickass time out here.

From the mansion we’re staying in to the stuff we’re doing (I’ll get into that), and of course the ability to talk shop with some of the sharpest minds in the industry… Kevin Nations is a damn nice guy too!

Into the Wild

Damien's battle wounds

Damien’s battle wounds

Today we went out to the middle of the damn desert to do some off road ATV riding.

Some of these guys are pretty crazy off-roading. Damien decided the trail wasn’t fun enough so he drove off the side of a cliff.

No exaggeration there either! That crazy Irishman shot himself down a mountain and is walking around like nothing happened. #ToughAsNails

I decided to get into the fun too, so after a poorly timed hand signal to warn about a sharp turn I realized I didn’t give myself enough time to make the turn myself. So I took a nose dive over the handlebars and donated some skin to the Nevada desert.

Apparently we hold the distinction of being the worse group the tour guide ever took out.

Did I mention Neil drove into a cactus?

Learning from the Best

Mastermind discussion in Kevin Nations kitchenWe were lucky enough to get to have dinner with Kevin Nations tonight. Sam knows some ballers and really makes some awesome connections for us.

If you don’t know Kevin is a badass marketer. Aside from that he is a genuinely nice guy and real down to Earth considering he makes a bazillion dollars being a marketing genius.

He shared some really good stories, advice and jokes that can’t be repeated.

One thing he said really stuck and can help you do well not just in business, but in life as well:

He said that sometimes staying small is the real path to success.

Here is a marketer who you think will be telling you how to rake in tons of revenue, one of the obvious ways is to expand to other locations or services, but he was saying the opposite!

How do you Measure Success

The point that Kevin was making was that there is more than one kind of capital. If you keep growing your business it will “be a greedy bitch and take everything from you” as he put it.

So then how great is all the revenue you bring in when your expenses shoot up, your stress shoots up, your happiness goes down and your time disappears.

Instead you make sure to build your business around your ideal lifestyle.

Take some time and figure out what you want your life to be like and then design a business that will support that lifestyle with the smallest amount of stress.

If you do that THEN you will be happy.

Bigger isn’t always better and trying to get more of everything might have you end up with less of what really matters.

There will always be more money to make, there will always be a way to expand your business.

If you always pursue more money you will be left with a lot less of everything else in your life.

So take some time and sketch out your ideal day, your ideal week, visualize everything that you would do and, just as important, all the crap you wouldn’t do!

Not exactly what you think you will learn at a Retreat and Mastermind like this huh?

Hope you get something out of this

Oh crap … Sam’s coming back!

I’m gonna set his homepage to http://www.thunderfromdownunder.com/ ‘cuz I swear I see him staring at the billboards as we drive by

I’m out!