Kaiser Serajuddin: Hey, what’s up? Kaiser here.

Ryan Lee: Kaiser.

Kaiser Serajuddin: You’re watching me on Super-Trainer.com and it’s official. We’ve got [0:00:06] [Indiscernible] fitness marketing. He’s right here. I got the godfather in marketing, Ryan Lee, and we’re in Ryan’s house right now about to kick off his Continuity Summit and this thing is going to be bananas.

Let’s just show the room real quick, show how many seats we got. This thing is just insane. It’s going to be probably one of the biggest internet marketing conferences ever and I mean the speakers, you got to go check out Ozworth.com and Google all of them. It’s just bananas and I’m going to stop talking because I got Ryan Lee right here. I hope I mentioned that.

So Ryan, the first thing I want to ask you – most of my readers are into fitness and fitness marketing. So what’s like the top tip you have? Now you have all these people in your Continuity Program that’s really making you [0:00:54] [Indiscernible]. That’s why everyone is here. What’s the top tip you have for people to get that traffic into your Continuity Program?

Ryan Lee: Traffic. You know, there’s so many ways to drive traffic. There’s the paid way. That’s number one. If you think of the billions and billions of pages online and there’s so many people looking to sell advertising space, whether it’s through Google AdWords, making money through AdSense. A lot of people forget about banners. I mean there’s like billions and billions of [0:01:24] [Indiscernible] for sale or ad networks.

So there’s one way to drive it through pay per click. So if you know what your return on investment is, if you know your numbers, if you know your conversions and you’re selling especially a product, then pay per click can make sense.

Then there’s also the social media way. There’s a lot of stuff we’re doing with this event we’re breaking ground with. We’re doing Twitter contests. We have a whole Facebook fan page where we had in the first couple of hours 400 people sign up and they’re already starting to post and every time – think about it like this.

We have hundreds and hundreds of people now on this Facebook page. Every time they post a video or a comment, “Oh I love that speaker,” “Oh, check out this video,” it now goes on their page, right? If on their page, if this person now has 2000 people following them on Facebook, now all of a sudden 2000 people have been exposed to this and now maybe 10 or 20 people or 100 people are like, “Oh, that’s pretty cool,” and they go and they post a video. So that’s the amazing thing with something like Facebook. So every trainer should create at least a Facebook fan page for your boot camps, for your personal training studio. Get your clients involved. Let them start to post. Have contests. Let them put body transformation contests on there.

Kaiser Serajuddin: What you’re doing, reaching an international audience and that’s just vital, right?

Ryan Lee: Oh, yeah.

Kaiser Serajuddin: I mean for even a fitness marketer.

Ryan Lee: Yeah.

Kaiser Serajuddin: That’s just a must-have right now, right?

Ryan Lee: Oh, absolutely, especially if you’re looking to like information marketing, right? If you want to do ebooks and want to sell DVDs, you got to think international and it’s like 70 to 80 percent of my market is US but that means 20 percent is international. I mean I have people from here that came this weekend from New Zealand, from Scotland, from countries I’ve never even heard of before.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Lee: All through the internet because you just can’t neglect that. I mean I haven’t yet done products in other languages but some of my guys like Mike Geary did. He has an ab book in German. Vince Del Monte just did his thing in Spanish. Obviously English is – a lot of people speak English but there’s so much out there as well beyond just English speaking too.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah. That’s some good info, yeah. Think big. I don’t want to waste some of your time talking about how to build a training product. It’s something they can figure, how to get that info out to the entire world.

Ryan Lee: Yeah.

Kaiser Serajuddin: So yeah, I’m glad to be here. We’re here at the calm before the storm. It’s Thursday night and this is about to kick off. This man is going to be a wild man for the next three days and yeah, I hope to get you on and we will answer a few more questions.

Ryan Lee: Anytime. I’m going to be here all weekend. You’re hanging out with me. You’re helping and I appreciate it. You’re getting behind the scenes of what’s going on here.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes, yes.

Ryan Lee: How we’re running this thing. Even just before I was talking about the – maybe if you want to pan and you see what we do …

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah. Let’s take a look at what’s going on over here.

Ryan Lee: So what we have in the front two rows, if you notice the “reserved” and these are like my platinum and my mastermind members. So what I did was I roped off an area for them to reserve this. They have an extra book so they are going to have some special treatment.

When they register as well, they’re going to have their own registration booth. They’re going to go right up. There’s going to be no line. So treating people special and the way this can translate to information products is offering levels. You can have your basic product and then you could have the platinum version, the gold version.

There’s always going to be a percentage of your market whether it’s 5 percent or 10 percent that are going to want the big thing. They’re going to want to supersize it. They’re going to want the car with the platinum wheels. They’re going to want the works so always offer that option because that’s the 10 percent that could be losing if you don’t at least offer that option for people who want the bigger version of it.

So if it’s a book, maybe offer the book with the DVD or if it’s the book and the DVD, offer the CD and the transcripts or if it’s the big kit, offer the live seminar or the coaching call or the monthly coaching. There’s so many. I can go on and on.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah. Well, I mean …

Ryan Lee: Kaiser baby! Super-Trainer!

Kaiser Serajuddin: I just want to say I love this guy. I mean forget what you’ve heard on the blog before. This guy …

Ryan Lee: I’ve been working out. This is like …

Kaiser Serajuddin: This guy is bigger than me now too.

Ryan Lee: I put on like 10 pounds …

Kaiser Serajuddin: Oh man. This guy is jacked now. I’ve been behind the computer just getting skinny and this guy now, he’s blowing me out. So something is wrong over here but that’s me signing off on Thursday night and yeah, this thing is going to be crazy …

Ryan Lee: Yeah. We will do some cool videos and do some updates throughout the week.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah. Definitely. All right. So I will see you some more for sure.

Ryan Lee: Thanks guys.