Marc Lebert: You know what? Yeah, accountability to your trainer, to your partner. Yeah, let’s face it. We’re social animals and for the most part, I mean I can work out on my own but for the most part, when I show up in my classes, I train harder because people are there and I remember the university.

My workout partner is in college and in university. I mean these are two guys that – I still talk to them. We rehash some old friendship and memories every time we think and talk about working out and what I was able to do in the weight room without them, no way. Not at all. So I think working out together really brings up the effort level and the enjoyment.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah. So it makes a lot of sense. It’s just another great tool for trainers in their studios. I mean it’s not expensive. So it just, yeah, gives us a really good option and kind of the last thing I wanted to talk to you about is how these products came to market, how they developed. I mean in general the way trainers usually think about marketing really to the angle – it’s pushed hard by Ryan Lee and all of the other coaches is more of info marketing but there are other ways to do it which you’re obviously the example of. So yeah, how do you get one of these products, get this idea from the drawing board into the hands of the public?

Marc Lebert: Well there’s – nowadays, it’s a big world out there but the internet and websites and affiliates and just all that kind of stuff really kind of enables anybody to get their ideas out there. The basic roots, Facebook and get videos up on YouTube and have a great website. Some of the other ways we’ve done it is I’ll do a demo for anybody anytime. I get emails everyday and I try them all over and I will show up in high schools. If they want me there, I will show up and we just put them through a workout. Tradeshows, we’ve got tons of tradeshows. Those are fun because our products really are something that the trainers understand.

So for us to get to tradeshows and talk to the trainers, that’s the most important part and then they will bring it up to the clients. So then from there, we will get it out to the general public a bit more. The other really cool thing we’re able to do is get with power systems and perform better and both those companies are outstanding and the people there are great. So we were happy and lucky to – they understood and saw the value in our products. So getting with some distributors was a good thing as well.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Wow. So it was really grassroots and there’s a lot of legwork and hands-on. I wouldn’t have imagined that but it took a lot of hard work.

Marc Lebert: Yeah, it’s total grassroots. Yeah, we didn’t have a massive marketing budget so we just got out there and just pounded the pavement and as a matter of fact, this summer, I’m working on just a fun little campaign where we’re just going to go out to the beaches and set up about 20 Equalizers and invite people in for a workout. Just shoot some fun footage of it and just do some freestyle kind of workouts in the park. So that should be fun for different areas of the city. We’re just going to go out and do some fun stuff like that. So anything we can do to generate some looks and some interest is what we will do.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah. It sounds real cool, Marc, and just from talking to you, from listening to you, it’s obvious that it’s the passion or love for it that drives you or else all the hard work wouldn’t be possible.

Marc Lebert: Yeah. Thanks. Yeah, it’s hard work but it’s also something I love to do but yeah, if I had to talk to somebody starting out, yeah, there’s no substitute for it. You just believe and there might be a few days in a row when you don’t see much happening but you have to believe that all the groundwork that you did will come back and then pay off. So yeah, that would be what I would say to do.

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right. Some really good info there. So again Marc, thanks for sharing all of that. Again, just for everyone, it’s an example of a way to think out of the box, another way to approach your fitness knowledge and just benefiting the public. So you’re a really great example of that, Marc. Thanks a lot, man.

Marc Lebert: Yeah. Thanks a lot, Kaiser. I appreciate the time and best of luck to everybody.

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right, everyone. So that’s the end of this issue of Super-Trainer and you will have some more info on Marc’s product. You can find that right here in the blog post.