The Fitness Marketing law of singularity means there’s only one move for every situation that produces considerable results. This law coincides with the concept of being first in the prospect’s mind. That is always the goal, to be first. But, sometimes entrepreneurs cannot be the leader and become impatient so they try harder to beat the competition and end up using the same strategy, which can end in failure. The history of marketing has shown there’s only one move, a single, bold strike that works in producing remarkable results.


Competitors always have a weak point, a vulnerable place, and this is the focal point of your single, bold strike. I’m not saying to fight and hit below the belt, but what brings on substantial results is striking the competition with the unexpected.


The military uses these tactics and has received substantial results. Think about when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. No one was expecting it or saw it coming and in one, single, bold strike Pearl Harbor was under siege with the U.S. military scrambling to fight back and save lives. Successful military commanders study the battleground looking for the enemy’s weak spot and then strike with one bold move when its least expected. Marketing works the same way.


Coca-Cola is a classic example (get it, “classic”)? They have been battling back and forth with Pepsi for years. Coke was the first in the prospect’s mind and owns the word classic which relates to the older generation. Pepsi attacked with the new generation slogan reaching the younger crowd. Coke then battled itself fighting with classic and new coke. They came up with so many different slogans for the “new” coke but nothing really moved the product. They even hired a Hollywood talent agency to help with marketing ideas. This didn’t work either. Doing more marketing doesn’t mean success.


Coca-Cola finally got smart put “new coke” aside and went back to focusing on the original idea of classic coke. By focusing on the original concept that was first in the prospect’s mind, Coca-Cola was able to attack Pepsi and market to the younger generation by offering them the Real Thing. Not only did this reach the younger generation but woke up original fans and sales increased.

As an entrepreneur you have to get into the trenches and know what is happening in your market place. If you are going to discover that single concept where you can create a single bold attack then you have to be apprised as to what works and what doesn’t. Roll up your sleeves and get out there. You cannot sit behind a desk or stay in your studio all day and expect to know what’s happening in the trenches. Know your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. Find the vulnerable area and do the unexpected. Remember, markets are won with strategy, not tactics.

Thank you for reading Fitness MarketingLaw #16 – Stay tuned for more tips for your fitness business.