Hey. It’s your boy Sam here. It’s Sunday morning. If you look at the top of my screen, that’s 7:06 AM. I’m pumped up. Now you can sleep in on Sundays, man. I get up at around 4:00 AM. Usually weekdays it’s 3:00 AM and so already I went out and got some chest and bicep done. I got 45 minutes of cardio done. I already had my second breakfast and I’m pumped up.


So today what I’m going to talk to you about is how it went with my launch and anatomy of what you need to do if you have a great info product. What do you need to do to be successful? I’m going to show you some real numbers, no theory.


I’m not going to be BS-ing you. I know you’re too smart for that. I’m not going to tell you I sold a million of them, 500 of them and not show you any numbers. Everything that I’m going to show, I’m ever going to say, I’m going to back it up.


So let’s go talk about what it takes to be successful in doing something for marketing. Now, these are stuff that I’m sure will take you behind the scenes. I’m going to show you and this is stuff that you won’t even get in a $15,000 mastermind. So hang on.


So the first thing – you know what? Forget about it. That’s not even the first thing. This is the unwritten rule. The unwritten rule is you – pardon my French. You got to be fucking cool. Now if you’re not cool, if you don’t support anybody else and you’re not cool with everybody else, nobody is going to support you. Nobody is going to want to promote you. Nobody is going to want to be around you. That’s how you know somebody is cool because you see other people are promoting him.


Case in point is my launch, people came out of the woodwork wanting to promote me. They want to see the product of course first making sure they approved and it’s right for their audience but people came out of the woodwork wanting to promote me. I didn’t really have to reach out to that many people. Big names like Pat Rigsby, Chris Mccombs, [0:01:53] [Indiscernible], Brian Devlin, Georgette Pann, Jessica and Jeff Sherman, the Boot Camp Girls, Zach Even-Esh, Jason [Indiscernible], Bill Carney and I hope I didn’t leave anybody else out but if you cling to people and you will go out there and give, you will receive.


Now don’t go out there and give and be fake about it because you want to get something back in return. Go out there and give and the universe – I’m not going to sit down here to talk to you about the law of attraction but you will receive and I’m telling you right now these people supported me. I thank them for without them I wouldn’t be able to hit the numbers that I hit and I really, really appreciate that. So again, the unwritten rule is be fucking cool.


Number one. What you got to do is you got to find a void in the market and create a product, to create a kickass product to fill that void. In this case, I’m always looking for an email marketing campaign that I can plug in and play for the rest of the year. This is not just like the same old 14-day, 28-day thing that everybody has seen and you already send them to a list already like 14 other times. No. I wanted something that would be kind of seasonal, that I can plug in and play and I can get clients.


Now, disclaimer. I do not want you to send promotional campaigns to your clients only. You should know better than that. This is assuming you know better than that. Before you go ask for a kiss, you got to earn her, she has to know you, like you and trust you. So don’t send out promotional emails. What I want you to do is you got to send out content. You got to deliver value. Until you deliver a value and earn their trust, do not send people promotional campaigns. Like I said, I’m assuming you already know that.


Now if you already are giving them great content, deliver value and are teaching them good stuff, then every once in a while, there is absolutely nothing wrong about doing a promotion and a lot of trainers have a hang-up about that. There’s nothing wrong if you have great service and you can change people’s lives and you’re already delivering a value. Once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with a pitch of your services.


So we’re talking about filling some of the void in your market. In my case, I wanted a done-for-you promotional email for the rest of the year because I’ve already given my clients great, great content throughout the year and then we sat down. Me and my partner and Mike Salvietti we sat down and we tested and tweaked it and tested and tweaked it and then we come out with 17 campaigns. That what I feel like it will give at least 10 times the return on investment throughout the year and some people – not even some people. Most people even get 10 times the return on investment pretty much the first email sequence they send out; and I would say judging by the response, 96 percent of people got at least one client the first time with it. So that’s not a bad rate.


So once you promote with something that the market needs, you get out a sample to people of high influence and this is exactly what I did. I give a sample out to about 20, 30 people and I said go in and plug in and play and then I also give a sample out on my blog an email sequence right before a – like the Black Friday and I said, “Why don’t you guys put this email sequence? Put it to attachment. Let me see if it works and if it does work and if it doesn’t work, either way, I want to hear your results.” There it is. People came in here and bam, everybody came in and said, OK, eight pays so far. Oh, I made $2400 here. I did this, I did that.


Then you know what? For example Priscilla here said, “I used the Black Friday email and sorry, no report, no calls,” and most people, most other marketers will erase that. They will erase that because they’re like, well, I don’t want anybody saying I didn’t get results from the thing but darn it, nothing is 100 percent. I don’t care. There’s nothing on life that’s going to be 100 percent. So actually by you erasing it and all you want to have here is a bunch of oh, great job, great this, great that, it worked, it actually decreases your realness and people can smell that from a mile away.


So if somebody said that it didn’t work for them, then hey, you know what? It didn’t work for them. Obviously there’s nothing to erase. So I made sure that the two people for example that the thing didn’t work for, I’m OK with that. We got over 50 people saying that it just worked gangbusters for them and two people said it didn’t work for them and that’s OK. That’s 96 percent of success rate and I’m OK with that. I don’t have to have a 100 percent success rate and I think that really asks your credibility. Do not run from people that it didn’t work for them. If somebody disagrees with you, that’s fine.


So then like I said, you have to have social proof and we made the social proof here. As you can see, a bunch of social proof and like I said, make sure you’re really authentic and do not erase the people that don’t agree with you. If someone didn’t agree with you rub your knees, That’s just life.


So once you have social proof and we had to be real and be authentic and didn’t erase all the comment stuff, then we have to have a good sales letter. And then we got the good sales letter. We did the good old-fashioned – nobody does it better than Ryan Deiss. He’s one of my mentors.


Basically a sales letter has to have three factors. You have to present a problem. In this example, email marketing sucks. You have to agitate the problem. We talk about why email marketing sites. Why? Because you have to sit down and write them. You’re too busy already in your fitness business. You presented a problem. You agitate the problem. Then you present the solution and the solution is Done-for-you Copy and Paste Email Marketing Campaign for Fitness Folks. So once you have that, then you’re ready to roll. You’re ready to come out and you’re telling everybody about it and you launch it.


Now, every time you launch something, you should always be able to think about what can you sell them, how can you sell somebody a second glass. If somebody is hungry for you and hungry for your stuff, what else do you have to sell them? Well, the big mistake that I made here is that my upsell was something that was not really related to what I’m already selling them. So for example, the best upsell should be something that already makes what you have better, faster, and more convenient; and my upsell was an invite to my weekend, my weekend event coming in on January 20th and 21st.


So in this case, it wasn’t a good upsell. That was a big mistake on my part and we had only a one percent conversion rate. So again, if you’re going to offer an upsell, it has to give someone something that you already are selling better, faster and more convenient.


So now, let’s go back and like I said, let’s see what we did as far as numbers are concerned for this launch. So from here, sales report, sales by product, sales by item and we’re off. If you see it, we sold about 283 at $197. So about $55,751 and we had three upsells at the event for about $3000. So our total was about $58,700. Now this is proof to you that in info marketing, you have to have a lot of affiliates and you have to have a great product for it to work. Now I don’t know about you but $59,414.97 doesn’t excite me at all. I mean who can live off of something like that? I can’t. So it’s not bad for a second income stream but if your main income stream is your offline business, make sure you concentrate on your offline business and don’t put your offline business on hold with all the overhead and all the things coming through and then go try to create an ebook or try to create a program because even at $60,000, by the time you pay the affiliates and everything, you probably end up with $30,000, $35,000. Man, I’m not trying to brag or anything like that but I need at least that per month not every once in a while.


So again, this is Sam here, Sunday morning. It’s early morning. Just wanted to give you a little bit of background, little success steps of how to be successful in your info marketing. Again, let me go back over them one more time. The unwritten rule is be fucking cool.


Number one will be find a void in your market and create a kickass product that you would use yourself.


Number two, do what I call the dope dealer method. Dope dealer method is give a sample out so people can use them and then if you know it’s good, you know they’re going to be hooked and then they’re going to come back for more. So the dope dealer method is number two.


Number three, get social proof.


Number four, be real and authentic. If a few people don’t like it and they give you what some people will call negative social proof, don’t erase it. Just address it and be transparent that it doesn’t work for everybody all the time. Nothing wrong with that.


Then make a sales letter that is formatted through problem, agitation, solution.


Number six, have upsells. Make sure that your upsell makes whatever you’re selling already better, faster or more convenient. Do not make the same mistake that I did and have an upsell that has nothing to do with what you’re selling already. That’s not cool and that’s why I only got a one percent conversion rate. Last but not least again, be fucking cool.


OK. Sam here. I’m signing out. I got to go get ready for church. Wife is calling me upstairs so I’ll run out. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.