Kaiser: What’s up guys? This is Kaiser. You’re watching me on Super-Trainer. I’m back after a very long time of Sam running the show very well. I’m back to give you some content and take over for at least a few minutes. So my guest today is 7-figure Sam. Sam, how does it feel to be on Super-Trainer?
Sam: Man, I’m honored man.

Kaiser: Yes, I’m sure you are.

Sam: I’m honored that you gave me the chance to even have Super-Trainer. I really appreciate that.

Kaiser: No, thank you my man. So you know what? That’s really what I wanted to ask you because it all struck me as something kind of out of the blue when you – when we first started talking about this and you’re actually interested in it. Everyone knows you. Everyone knows your story. People know you for years. Everyone in fitness business is pretty considered a friend of yours and they know that you’ve had an established offline business that you’ve added new elements to over the years of boot camp, boot camps in other places. So that’s going well. And this is all offline. So then why would you want to do something totally different – totally different business that keeps you coped up in an office having to learn a totally new skill set? Why someone that’s doing so well, why would they shift gears like that?

Sam: Oh man Kaiser, you have to go there. Oh wow!

Kaiser: Let me ask you some tough questions, my man. I’m not – we’re used to an interview, you asked me some amazing stuff. Now, this is CNN.


Sam: Honestly, he then – he has me in front of the camera, he didn’t even know he’s going to ask me these questions. But you want to know the real truth?

Kaiser: Yes, yes, and listen to you.

Sam: OK. Well, the truth of the matter is that a lot of people in the past have asked me to coach them for their businesses and things like that because they saw the success that I’m having in my offline businesses. But I never did because to me, a friend of mine at that time was doing fitness marketing and I’m the type of guy who doesn’t like to step on anyone’s toes. I wouldn’t come to New York and open up a boot camp in front – in your town. If somebody or one of my friends is doing something, I won’t cross that line because I feel like they can do what they want to do, I’m going to do what I want to do and I’m not going to get in their market.

So, long story short – that’s a tough question. But I’m going to tell you the truth. The same friend basically orchestrated a boot camp in my town, opened up a boot camp in my town. And at that time, he never even told me he was going to do it. Now, this is a free country and this is America. We all came here for – to better ourselves. And – but just the fact that like I never even got a notice. Now, my wife was on the computer one day and my wife said, “Hey Sam, did you know that your friend opened up a competing business with you in your own town, the same friend that you’ve been friends for seven years and you’ve been given so many, so many referrals to.” And I pretended that that wasn’t happening and I pretended I already knew about it. But at the back of my mind – because I never want my wife to feel any kind of – I don’t ever want her – my wife and baby worry about anything but I gave that person about a month, I talked to him on a weekly basis to come out and say, “Hey, here’s what I’m doing,” But he never did.

So I remember – I don’t remember what that date I called you. I remember I just went to his office and say, “Hey, we have a problem. We need to talk.” And basically, we talked and I asked him like, “Why didn’t you at least tell me? Not that I’m going to stop you. This is America. But I would have been – come across and let me know that you’re going to open up a competing business in our town.” And basically what it came down to was, “Hey, if I do a business decision, I don’t have to run it by you.” And that’s when I knew that I had to cut my ties.

Kaiser: Wow!

Sam: That’s when I know that I had to cut my ties. So I basically told this guy that, “You take business over friendship. I take friendship over business.” And over the years, a lot of – he had kind of stepped over the toes of a lot of the trainers and nobody had the time or the platform to fight back. And so I thought about it. I’m like, “You know what? I have nothing but time and I don’t have the platform but let me see if I can buy one.” So that’s where I remember, right from his office I got into your car and I made a phone call to you. I don’t know if you remembered the conversation. I remember asking you, “Kaiser,” I’m like, “What are you doing in Super-Trainer? Are you not really …” Because you were starting offline business at that time.

Kaiser: Yeah, I have started, yeah.

Sam: And you said, “Why?” I said, “Well, I’m interested in buying it. You are really …” and at that time you’re like, “Well, let me think about it. I don’t know if I want to sell it.” But your exact words were, “If I sell it at 21 [Phonetic] [0:04:49], it will be to you.” I said, “Well, just let me know and let me know if it is for sale and how much.” And I remember when you said OK the next day or so and I think you had the money in your account in something like 30 minutes.

Kaiser: Yes, yes.

Sam: So, that’s the real story.

Kaiser: Yeah. Real cool man. There are so many lessons in that. First of all, you’re the only guy who put a lot of blood and guts into that and yeah, and you’ve done amazing, taking it to a totally different level. And we were just talking a little while ago before the camera is rolling, just how important treating people good is. And it really all comes down to that. You can’t really bullshit people these days in the social media age. And yeah, for you to be treated like that and we all know who you were talking about. It’s so funny that you’ve brought those guys so much business. When I opened my first boot camp, I was a customer of the person that you’re talking about and the reason I became a customer was because you gave him a very, very strong endorsement.

Sam: Yeah.

Kaiser: An endorsement video. I was like, “You know what? If Sam is behind this guy for so long then that’s all I need to know.” And that friend stabbed you in the back right after that. And that’s only me. Think of how many people – other people brought him business. So yeah, it’s really a shame.

Now, one of the things that – a feeling of mine is that I’m always behind what we do, a lot of times like on the one hand you pointed out that you want to get – get back at some of these other guys or whatever for what they do. They didn’t do right. But that can’t really be the only motive behind something. I feel like there’s a lot more to it and you have a lot more to give.

Sam: No, no, absolutely. It wasn’t a motivation to just get back at somebody. It was a motivation that I thought it was just time to stop the BS with the industry. It’s time for – to have a platform, an open platform for everybody to be heard. I remember times that other fitness marketers would put a blog post up and if I didn’t agree with the post, I’ll politely disagree not using a foul language but I’d politely disagreed and I stated why I disagreed. And I thought I could open up a dialogue but within – literally within seconds, the comment will get deleted.

And I couldn’t understand why because with Super-Trainer or with anything, I welcome somebody to argue against me or present a different case because the dialogue is going to make those posts better. And everything that I say, if somebody has a better way of doing it, somebody can show me that it’s the wrong way or there’s a better way, I’m totally open to it as long as they put a comment that’s not hurtful to anybody and it’s a co – and that it’s an intelligent comment with their real name and with their real websites because a lot of people sometimes made comment – here’s another thing. If you are going to put a comment on a blog, please use your real name. There are enough vowels to use your real name and website. But if you are a – if you are going to put a comment, I don’t erase comments on Super-Trainer.

Kaiser: Yeah.

Sam: It’s – I think that it opens a dialogue and it is good and that’s why Super-Trainer is open to the industry. I did it for the industry so that we can all share. People who are actually in the trenches …

Kaiser: Yes.

Sam: People who are like yourself, like me, like some of the other guys that are known really well, we can all share what’s going on and what works.

Kaiser: Yeah, yeah. I agree. That’s really the real motive and what you’re doing is an amazing thing because for a long time, there has only been bullshit out there. Only people, they are only in it because they have a coaching business whereas in your case, you had an established business. Now, this is something that you want to do, to serve people, to get through the BS.

Sam: I felt like fitness market – I didn’t choose fitness marketing. Fitness marketing chose me. People keep commenting me and asking me, “Hey, what are you doing in your business? And what can I – you can do? Can I get coached by you?” And it was just time for me to take that on and it was time for me to make a stand against what I call controlled blogs or controlled conversation. I mean this is – I mean in this day and age, I think the first people who learned about that was Dell Computers, pretty soon there are computers who are getting – kind of catching on fire. You can’t quiet people anymore. There is the social media or the blogging, whatever thing like that. Sooner or later, people are going to call you out and people are going to call out the BS and I thought that was the time.

Kaiser: Yeah. Hang on. This is such a different model to the way that you do it like we know the other guys, they’ll have an event and then try to hard sell to really pitch their coaching at the end. That will be the point of the event. The whole thing is orchestrated for that purpose whereas in your case, I went to your event last year. I heard you speak. I attended all – I was in and out but anytime that you went up, I want to hear what you had to say and I don’t know if you pitched it off, the coaching at the end. If you did, I wasn’t there.

But at the end of the event, I came up to you and I was like, “Sam, you know what? I mean, I need your help. The one thing I figured out coming here is I need your help.” You’re like, “Sure my man. Anytime you need some help, just give me a call.” I said, “No, no. I don’t want to do it like that. I want you to give me coaching and I want to pay you for it.” It’s a different kind of thing where I’m trying to give you money. You’re like, “No, no, no. Don’t give me any money.” But I’m impressed with your knowledge so much that I want to do it like that whereas in other case, they’re orchestrating something to extract money which is slightly different. Not that there is anything wrong with being good at what you do or selling something or anything like that but just totally different. So I just – I feel like that’s a big difference in what you do.

Sam: Well, I think that the days of hard selling is gone. People are used to that whole, let me frame it here and if he says this say this and if he says that say this, present the price and don’t say anything, the first person that said – I’ve read all those books. People are – the marketing is not working the same anymore and the sales are not working the same anymore. I think the only differentiation is you actually care about people, you actually produce and have people’s well-being in mind. And when I marketed that Weekend with Sam last year, I let people. It’s a no pitch event. None. None. Nobody there went to pitch. I didn’t pitch but I told them, if anybody wants it, it’s here. I’m not going to sit down and say one thing and do another. And I felt like – again, one of the best ways to market and sell is pull marketing.

And before the camera was rolling, I was telling you, “I haven’t done sales in my own business for a long time.” And just a couple of days ago, we had a guy come in, my main guy was taking his mom to the hospital and I actually got stuck – actually selling and I said to him, “Man, I’m trying to remember all those techniques and all that kind of stuff.” And I just took a totally different approach. The guy came in, all I did was listened. All I did was listened and asked some good questions and pretty much, he said, “Hey, where do I sign?” That was $6,000 later. I sold him that. Why can’t we do the same thing? I think that pull marketing is a lot more attractive than push marketing and the same thing with sales, pull sales and then push sales. Nobody likes that pushy sales people. If you’re providing enough value and let them know you’re there, they will come.

Kaiser: I think one of the reasons why they do seem attractive is because people are always looking for the magic bullet. They don’t want to do the hard work. They don’t want to pay their dues. How do you feel about that?

Sam: Well, it’s funny. I don’t know about you but all that 4-hour-work-week crap, all that – no offense to Chris, Chris is my boy, but Chris found out that take back life is [indiscernible] [0:12:44]. Now Chris actually is getting there and working and all that kind of stuff. It’s all fairytale. And for me, I came to this country when I was 11 years old. Back in my old country, I’m Persian, no matter what I did at any day, somebody can come and take it all away.

Now, I’m here like 24 hours a day. You have 24 hours a day. I can choose whatever I want to do. I want to choose to work hard. And it’s not about like money and all that, it’s about just wanting to better yourself and wanting to just improve. And I don’t – and that’s one thing that’s made us at the top of the food chain as humans because we have the ability to improve and get up and think for ourselves. And if you’re not using that to your best – to your best advantage then what’s the difference between you and a cat or a tiger or whatever. You know what I mean? So, it’s a no brainer to me.

Kaiser: Yeah. Cool, very cool man. So I mean, that’s really a – I want to get into some of the things that relate to your motivations or the side – motivations in the business. And whenever I talk to you, we talk about the business stuff but it’s always like talking with you about life and stuff like that. I think that’s one thing that when it comes down to a coach, not only are you – you’re looking for the knowledge but it’s got to be someone that, “I want to be – I want to be like that person.” You know what I mean? Or then that person is living in a way or ground in a way that you admire. And you’re really the only guy in the business I can say that about.

Sam: Thank you.

Kaiser: So I think that’s one of the main things that set you apart. So yeah, and that’s just totally beyond – anything beyond any website or business or anything like that. That’s in all of us and I guess that you have, to teach everybody. So yeah, a Weekend With Sam, he’s all – he’s going to be a life coach.

Sam: [Indiscernible] [0:14:33] Weekend With Sam, February 1st and 2nd. See you at Irvine.

Kaiser: Yeah. See you guys there. Sam, thank you very much. I’ll definitely be there. I’ll support you my man.

Sam: Thank you so much man. Thanks for being there.

Kaiser: You’re welcome.