Jay Cardiello: You’re young. You want to venture out and actually try it. Go for it, man. The whole thing about it is product placement and where you’re going to do it. LA and New York City trainers, you have more of an advantage than say down south or the Midwest because you are exposed to. High end gyms such as CLAY. Equinox, Crunch do have occasional [0:00:35] [Indiscernible] gym workout so you may run into them but I would say you have to put yourself out there.

You have to start writing and you can’t just seclude yourself within the walls of their gym. You have to go out there and make a name for yourself and that could start on YouTube. That could start with blogging, having your own blog, of your own website. I mean I was [Indiscernible] enough that I started off with sports. Twelve years ago, actually I’ve done coaching in college [Indiscernible] in track and field basically as a volunteer assistant. I was fortunate enough when I came out of college with a job [Indiscernible]. So there’s no glamour in there.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah.

Jay Cardiello: I mean I went for the NFL and I was an assistant. No money and then it was [0:01:28] [Indiscernible] and it was no money. It was basically just doing what I had to do [Indiscernible] job supporting my addiction [Phonetic] of wanting to be the best training coach that I could be. I didn’t start making actual money. I was taking on years into the gig but I had an end product in my head of what I wanted to do.

So if you’re willing to do that and start off at a young age, go for it. Then always have to remember that your end product, you have to understand that it may not work out. That’s what I always trainers. I had a trainer call me up one day and he was making $150,000 a year. He had a family. He was doing [Indiscernible] I want to become a celebrity trainer and I said, “You already are a celebrity when you found [0:02:11] [Indiscernible]. So go on the road.” You may lose them.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah.

Jay Cardiello: And the money may be great but in a sense, you [Indiscernible] call 3 o’clock in the morning and I go to [Indiscernible]. So once you signed the paper, you’re just [Indiscernible].

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, yeah. No, it is a hard life and what you said there was what I was expecting to hear. So then from your side, from your point of view, what are the benefits that a trainer can have from being in your position?

Jay Cardiello: One of the main benefits that you do see is I don’t only just talk about training. I’m going to talk about life. You learn how to deal with people. I mean when I actually sit down and become a father one day, I’m going to be able to handle a situation because you’re always on the go. You have to fly to [0:03:10] [Indiscernible] fly to England and the next day fly to Australia and I have to be able to talk to 25 people by the time I get to Florida the next day to set everything from the [Indiscernible] to weigh certain things and set up.

So it does make you a better person in an organizational thing and I can stress that because my business is seeing people around and becoming very cynical being on the road and [Indiscernible] more confident in myself and my own ability.

You couldn’t have that from even a Harvard education. What I’ve learned on the road is worth a million dollars to me. It’s better than any paycheck so I do share with people who want a really good [Indiscernible]. Jump on the road and get involved in my industry but also another industry that people can look into [Indiscernible] professional athletics.

They will teach you such organizational skills and what we learned from the books we [Indiscernible] basically goes out the window because when you don’t have anything more than 20 minutes or 15 minutes and the manager is calling you up saying get your workout in now, by being creative and getting better workout in 15 minutes than you did in an hour and a half at the gym is an amazing contribution to yourself and your career.

So that has taught me time management. So I’ve learned more in the business sense than – and time efficiency than becoming a better [Indiscernible].

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right. Yeah, putting [Indiscernible] Jay, it must be an amazing experience to be around 50 and see everything going on and I’m sure it’s going to contribute a lot to the things you’re doing. So thanks for coming on and sharing that with me. I’m going to let you go because I know that you have a very tight schedule. So again, thanks a lot for coming and sharing some of your world with the readers of my blog and all the other trainers.

Jay Cardiello: Yeah, and best luck to you. You’re doing a great job and I [Indiscernible] we really enjoyed reading what you’re doing and God bless you and you keep up your great work and try to be the best and if any of your readers or you, you have like – I’m just like you trying to make myself better. Reach out to me. My email is on my website. Go to my website. Hit me up. I do return every email and we can get a lot of hits but [Indiscernible] I’m returning emails. So I thank you again for reaching out today and we will definitely get together somehow somewhere [Indiscernible]. I’m always going to take care of people in my [Indiscernible] area. So …

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right. Sounds good.

Jay Cardiello: Definitely [0:05:55] [Indiscernible]. All right, brother?

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right. Absolutely. All right, Jay. That was great. Thanks a lot man.

Jay Cardiello: All right. God bless you. Now take care.