Hey. What’s up? This is Kaiser. You’re watching me as part of the blog on Super-Trainer.com where me and some of the other big people in the personal training business bring you the real deal on training.

What I want to do today is just go back and record a little intro for the conversation I had earlier this year with Jason Hadeed. As you all probably know, Jason was murdered earlier this year and it was a real tragic loss for all of us in the training community.

Jason, he was nationally recognized as one of the top trainers in this business and when you look at it, his career was just starting to take off. He just signed a deal to double his training practice so he added a few more training facilities and he was heavily involved in the Nike SPARQ Program and if you’re watching TV, you know that SPARQ is just starting to blow up too.

So really, really sad because he was cut down at the prime of his life. He was only 32 years old. That’s one of the main things we can take away, how much it’s possible for someone to accomplish at a young age in personal training. And a few other things that stick out from the interview, the one thing that stuck out for me was a point Jason made about all of us that once we get involved in personal training and start taking it further, there was a tendency to sell out as he put it, where we get so caught up in other business activities, that we lose touch with the training that got us there.

And that really hit home for me at the time he said it because that kind of was happening to me a bit but that point that he made brought me back to center and it impacted the way I’ve done business this entire year so I thank him for that and a few of the other things that come across are his starting a business, how it wasn’t his first choice for a career. It was more something that grew organically for him, that he was passionate about and that’s what he rode to the top of the business and he also brings back some of the joy. He brings across some of the joy that he got himself, the value that he got from being a personal trainer. That’s also very important.

So if you haven’t already, go back and listen to the whole thing again and go ahead and leave your comments either here on the video. If you’re watching me on YouTube, leave them right there on the blog and just let us know what you got from the interview.

It was probably Jason’s final interview and he never really got to hear it. He passed away before I could send it to him so I’m real sorry about that but it was definitely the best interview that I’ve done for Super-Trainer and one that I got the most from personally. So listen to it and enjoy and you will hear from me soon. Thanks