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Hey guys. My name is Michael Duivis and just like you, I own a gym and do bootcamps and some semi-private training. Now, I’m making this video because even if you were just a little bit good at what you do, you probably have 75, 100, 150, maybe even 200 clients. And if you’re anything like me, you want to treat every single one like they’re VIP.

Now, the way I like to do that is to send them cool content more than anything. Just get my message across to them, letting every single client know that even though I’m the owner and I may not see all my clients every day, I’m still the main guy and very much involved with my business. But with so many clients enrolled at your gym, it can feel like a chicken hen and getting your message across can be impossible. I mean, let’s be honest, unless you were to live at your gym.

Now, the number one way to solve this is emails and I know what you’re thinking. Emails, content emails, are you serious? Yeah, I’ll admit. We all know that sending quality content emails is awesome for keeping that relationship with your clients and increasing retention. But are you really doing it? I mean doing it for real? Like twice a week religiously? And also sending emails that portray character, authority, make you seem like the guru and are also funny and intriguing? And intriguing, I’m talking 50 shades of gray intriguing. Trust me. Your female clients love 50 shades of gray.

Your email should serve to make your clients bond with you. And I’ve been writing my own twice a week for over two years now sending them out like clockwork. And as a result, my list is hypersensitive and my retention at my gym is through the roof. Now, what I did is I packaged my 75 best emails all in one bundle and I’m giving them to you for real cheap, all for $10 million. Just kidding. It’s just $97.

And this is the part where I’m supposed to say that one client will pay for this entire product, one client will pay for your entire year of content emails but we already know that. If you ask me, what’s more important is that these products will make your clients come close to you, trust you more, and stick to you like some hardcore Velcro.

Now, one thing I also want to mention is that when I write the email, I take on average about four hours from start to finish. So for less than a hundred dollars, you’ll buy about 300 hours worth of work so that’s 300 hours, twelve entire days for just $97 so if you want to be done with your entire year of email marketing, increase retention and overall rock star status among your clients, then get this killer deal. Go get it right now.