Hey. What’s going on, Super Trainers? It’s your boy Seven-Figure Sam and today I want to share with you a card that I got in the mail.

Now check this out. It’s from Mrs. Duivis. I’m not even going to try to pronounce that first name. So it’s from Mrs. Duivis and I don’t know a Mrs. Duivis. I know a Michael Duivis. He’s a good friend of mine and a coaching client. So I don’t know what this could be. So when I open it, it said thanks.

So let me read it to you and show you what it says. “Dear Sam, my name is Mrs. Duivis. I’m writing you this note to give you my sincere thanks and appreciation for getting Michael to where he is today. Your coaching has done wonders and I’m very grateful for that. Michael is doing really good and thanks to you. Thanks to you his business has not been hurt because of this. Again, thank you so much and all the best to you and your family.”

Now I can’t tell you what this means to me because I mean I’ve gotten postcards from my clients and people that I’ve helped before and that by itself is just so rewarding. It’s so fulfilling and by just getting a postcard from somebody’s mother saying, “Thank you for helping my son. Thank you for helping him grow his business,” it has just been wonders and I just can’t tell you how good I felt and I immediately called Michael and I told him to say thanks to his mom. That’s really appreciated.

When I first got into personal training, when I was helping people lose weight, changing people’s lives without drugs and surgery, that was very fulfilling to me and now that I’m not in the field training clients anymore, that I can do the same thing and help other personal trainers achieve success. Now that’s fulfilling me and thank you so much for this, Mrs. Duivis. Thank you so much. Bye.