In NYC I ran into someone who I met a while ago at Ryan Lee’s event. His name is Stephen Cabral and he is absolutely CRUSHING it. Get this…. His studio does 7 figures and it’s only 727 square feet!!!

I am going to go out on a limb and say that he is by far the pound for pound champion of the WORLD or in this case (revenue per square feet generated champion.)

If you do the calculation $1,000,000.00/727= $1375.51 per square foot

He makes $1375.51 per square feet from his facility. S***

In comparison I have done as much as 2.4 million from $5000 square feet.

So my revenue per square feet is 2,400,000.00/5000= $480 per square foot.

All I have to say is WOW…..

So I had to chase him down and BEG him to reveal his secrets. KILLER information you don’t want to miss….


Sam Bakhtiar: Here we go. Hey. What’s going on guys? It’s your main man Sam here with my boy Steve Cabral. Hey Steve. What’s up?


Stephen Cabral: Not too much. A long day. I actually [Inaudible] 36, 40 hours in three days in the summer here.


Sam Bakhtiar: I’m here in New York and I met Steve a couple of years ago [Inaudible] and he has a product called Smart Studio System and I haven’t had a chance to review it. But from what I’m hearing, it’s just an amazing product. But what I do know is that he is probably [0:00:31] [Inaudible] he probably has the highest grossing personal studio [Inaudible] anywhere in the world. [Inaudible]


Stephen Cabral: It’s up there.


Sam Bakhtiar: It’s up there, right? Now tell me about that. Tell me like how big is your facility, how much [Inaudible] you do and how the heck do you do it.


Stephen Cabral: So our studio is about just over 700 square feet and our fitness floor is about 500 square feet, just under 497. So I actually did the measurements but just people like – there’s no way we’re training people in less than 500 square feet. So we did the measurements in our space to do this. So on that space, we maximized every single square inch. So everything is thought about, the equipment placements to the trainer schedules. So believe it or not, we have seven personal trainers there but we’re working at different shifts.


So no matter what, someone is always training there. It doesn’t matter. We work literally in shifts. So there’s three, four of us on the floor [Inaudible]. So we were working out. A lot of people would say well, half days [Inaudible] but for that first night [Inaudible] 160 sessions a month just from 2:00 to 8 o’clock at night or from 6:30 to 2 o’clock in the afternoon and they’re pretty happy because they’re doing [Inaudible] as well.


My personal philosophy is that you have to treat your team really well. You have to treat your clients really well so that you always have that continuity and that you’re building a community. This is the biggest thing is my goal is that I don’t need to keep everything. If I keep everybody happy, if I’m running a center clock, then it can all just happen. Then we’re going to do well.


So you can’t have turnover. That’s the biggest thing I say to boot camps and with studios that you want to – for us, you don’t have to find your clients every month. Just [0:02:14] [Inaudible] at least 90 percent return in them.


Now we don’t need to sell one of your contracts [Inaudible]. We sell 12-week recurring contracts so nobody feels pressured. We’re in this entire program of [Inaudible] if you like to continue on. Now if you think about it, the only reason I [Inaudible]. So we keep things very simple but structured and that’s basically when it starts [Inaudible].


Sam Bakhtiar: Yeah, it’s great [0:02:41] [Inaudible] for you to be able to make money, you got to get more clients and more clients and more clients and I keep teaching everybody [Inaudible]. How much marketing do you do and what is your number one [Inaudible]?


Stephen Cabral: I should say we do marketing. We market every month. My belief is that just because you get full, you still have to stay [Inaudible] and so we market and we’re everywhere in the community. You cannot go to a coffee shop or anybody or anywhere without saying [Inaudible]. Keep in mind I’m in Boston [Inaudible]. There are over 35 gyms and personal training studios [Inaudible] within a mile [Inaudible].


Now that’s some serious competition but not everybody is doing about a thousand sessions a month. So that’s the reason why we’re doing this and the reason is [Inaudible] but we’re always continuing marketing [Inaudible]. We’re marketing to our current clients to keep them [Inaudible].


You know, we will say here’s what’s coming next month. Here’s what’s coming in your program next. This is the next impression. Let’s talk about referrals. So we do all the marketing concepts and I teach you all the marketing concepts [Inaudible] have to think about your business first when you try and build it up and not you as a person to [Inaudible] when is my next certification.


Now nobody is a bigger believer in continuing education than me. I still do at least an hour, two hours a day of research and reading but when you’re struggling and you’re trying to make the business happen [Inaudible]. So at that point, you need to market and everything is marketed and [0:04:30] [Inaudible].


Sam Bakhtiar: Now what would be like – what marketing [Inaudible]. What is the one online marketing that you [Inaudible]?


Stephen Cabral: Well, my favorite all-time marketing method is still search engine optimization. We do Google AdWords, no doubt about it. We use Google AdWords and I use Facebook. We’re on Facebook, all these things. But for me, we work so hard on optimization for our website, that we’re number one, two and three.


So if you come to Google and you type in our keyword, you can’t help but find us. That’s huge but that wasn’t by accident. We put on tons and tons of [Inaudible].


Sam Bakhtiar: I always say like if I came to Boston, I didn’t know anybody. How would I find you? Obviously [0:05:18] [Inaudible]. That’s how I find you. So you [Inaudible] someone moved to your [Inaudible], how will they find you? And that is SEO. Awesome. Now, what do you do – I don’t think [Inaudible] 90 percent retention rate. What do you do as far as like marketing to your current clients [Inaudible]? What is something unique that you do that you think is unique to you, right? [Inaudible] you want to share that.


Stephen Cabral: Yeah, that’s cool. My thing is giving back. I’m pretty much the same boat [Inaudible] we’re both in the fitness industry. We’re not [Inaudible] but you have your products. I just have really one and it’s just my way of giving back. So it’s a tiny [0:06:11] [Inaudible]. So for me to help people who are really serious about personal training in this industry and to build it up in a positive light, then I want to help them. Now the biggest thing that separates [Inaudible] is that we are 100 percent committed to our clients and we cay say, oh yeah [0:06:27] [Inaudible]. We literally email our clients to make sure that they have all of the nutrition information they need.


If they’re out grocery shopping, we have them text us and I don’t hire – I take three, four months to find a new personal trainer to make sure that [Inaudible]. If they think that they [Inaudible] in the afternoon or 8 o’clock at night and they don’t answer the clients’ emails, you’re off the team.


If you are a personal trainer, it would mean really 24 hours a day. If I have to [Inaudible] you better get back to me right away and that’s me trying to help my personal trainer and [0:07:00] [Inaudible]. So we do client support every [Inaudible]. We give them all the [Inaudible]. We give them everything.


At the same time, this is my big tip. We talk about this a lot. Always let them know what’s happening next. So if we do four-week programs, now you’re at the first four weeks. Well, here’s what’s going to happen next.


So you’re at step one [0:07:24] [Indiscernible] some martial arts. I started as a white belt. I knew my next goal was to be a yellow and an orange and it moves on from there. So then there are fitness clients. OK, great. We’re talking about the next goal. You lost your first 10 pounds. That’s fantastic.


What’s going to happen when you lose your next 20? And then we go on and on from there. So even if you’re a lot [Inaudible] something is wrong with your [Inaudible].


Sam Bakhtiar: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. A lot of people talk about service and [Inaudible]. You’re a trainer pretty much – being a trainer 24/7 and that’s just amazing and we will talk later on about how much you pay [0:08:10] [Inaudible]. The numbers got to make sense.


Now here’s what it is. People always say, Sam, you do [Inaudible] and I thought I was doing pretty good until I met Steve. I mean 400 square feet and then over a million dollars gross per year. Wow, I don’t even want to do the numbers because if [Inaudible] square feet, then I will just look this big. So no matter how [Inaudible] and be the best you can be.


Steve it was a pleasure and Smart Studio Systems in the house. Thank you so much.


Stephen Cabral: Thank you.


Sam Bakhtiar: Thank you.