Kareem Samhouri: I haven’t had to sell at all in the personal training [Inaudible] business which is usually the hardest sale of that business, is personal training because for a lot of reasons [0:00:10] [Inaudible]. What I did is I just gave really the exact blend it takes to lose weight and a very important message, step by step. I walk you through the exercise [Inaudible]. I tell you exactly what to do in the exercises and what to go through and [Inaudible] and then at the end if you would like to get your information and blah, blah, blah, well, here’s what I found out.

Number one is if anybody listens longer than 45 seconds, then [Inaudible]. You get every phone number so it’s like the – it’s the optimum squeeze page you could ever imagine because you get every phone number regardless of whether or not they hate the message.

Participant: Yes, to me …

[Crosstalk] [0:00:43]

Participant: … you like to get their phone number.

Kareem Samhouri: Yes, we’ve been able to get it down to the exact second. Below 45 seconds, we know that there’s a chance they will be interested or perhaps we can follow up with them later. They go into [Inaudible] and we can touch base with them and say, “How is it going so far?” because a lot of people, they enter in at different points and so we’ve used customer service feedback and have [0:01:04] [Inaudible]. We have [Inaudible] answer all the questions.

Participant: That was you.

Kareem Samhouri: Yes. You know, you got to be [Inaudible] and then I wanted to also mention that if they do listen to the end and they leave a message, not only are you guaranteed that they’re going to actually buy something but they end up buying really high-end packages, $25,000 [Inaudible] and that is really pretty amazing for a 20-minute just sincere message of information.

And so the big point that I wanted to share with [0:01:38] [Inaudible] biggest breakthrough for me in business [Indiscernible] and that is really just sincerely offering the best that I have to offer to everybody without asking for anything whether it’s business partners, whether it’s – and I know it sounds pretty [Inaudible] whatever else is it, but it’s just give your best for your [Inaudible].

What we do with people when they call for refunds, we answer all their questions and we offer a refund and we give them additional [Inaudible] which is just physical cost out of the pocket in addition to the refunds. These people come back and they buy again. They’re really happy. They’re sending us referrals and all that stuff.

So my biggest advice on that is really just be extremely forthcoming with all of your expertise and if you’re sharing anything less than the best, then you’re representing yourself the wrong way. At the moment when they’re trying to introduce themselves to you, would you walk up to somebody and would you smile and shake their hand or would you frown and turn away? It’s really give your best to somebody at the first [0:02:39] [Inaudible].

Participant: Also something I want to add quickly. I think – thanks, Kareem. I think Joe does this. If someone refunds your program, you send them an email and you apologize. You say [Inaudible] didn’t work for you. I mean we didn’t live up to your expectations and we apologize. Then you recommended another program and that program was too extreme for you. You’re looking for something a little easier to follow and then turned that into [0:03:14] [Inaudible] and Joe did really well with that. So I just [Inaudible].

Participant: Well our extreme fat loss diet program is so extreme that you would think people would know that when they order and [0:03:30] [Inaudible] but a lot of people don’t want to do that crazy amount of exercise and [Inaudible] stuff like that. So we have two different offers now [Inaudible] and that’s a much more moderate lifestyle program. And then we also recommend for an affiliate like another diet program [Inaudible] but I know that we do make money from refunds.

Participant: [0:04:14] [Inaudible] making the phone call. Is that like VAs or is that like – you’ve got your customer service team.

Participant: If you want to call your customers …


Participant: How you operate in that. It’s like your team …

Participant: You can outsource it.

Participant: We do it all for free and we just take a share of – we [Indiscernible] a million bucks, $10 million a year, in revenue combined revenue and we do it all, the revenues here. We don’t charge $29 a month or anything. We just work with you as a partner, to service your customers and it creates revenue. It’s just doing the right thing for the customer.

Participant: Yes, absolutely.


Participant: [0:04:55] [Indiscernible] while our clients are making 7 to 12 or whatever. We develop revenue sharing. I [Inaudible] call centers all over the US or five call centers all over the US to take inbound and outbound calls. I mean we could set up the IVR for – we could set it up for free just out – have them [0:05:17] [Inaudible] live operator who know your product as well and just create the revenue on the – when they go to the live operator and we do all that for customers. So a lot of people outsource it, is what it comes down to.

Participant: [0:05:31] [Inaudible]

Participant: Yes, man. I added 100,000 people in my list just with the inspirational movies. [Inaudible] basically you’re having [Inaudible] inspirational to a viral and as they watch the movie, they actually opt in and [Inaudible] they’re interested in. Just recently [0:05:54] [Inaudible]. The platform that I’m using now actually allows you to use YouTube videos and you have a pop-up that shows up after the YouTube video [Inaudible]. The secret formula that I actually [Inaudible].

Participant: Dr. K, what is that number? What is that number?

Participant: I can’t hear you.

Participant: Oh, yes. Sorry.

Participant: The number for …

Participant: So I was talking about – I just added 100,000 people to my list through inspirational movies, general inspiration. So basically the list goes out when it – people who are on your list, they’re going to share a page. They can share it through social media. They can share it through their own email list.