Sam Bakhtiar: Hey, Super Trainers. What’s going on? It’s your main man Seven-Figure Sam. I just got back in my home in Vegas. We’re on a week’s vacation with my family. My little daughter is playing iPad with her new apps over there and I just want to show you something.

We just got here so we were in the grocery store and here, you can see this whole section here, every single white bag. There’s like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine. About nine or ten bags of food here and we bought them at a little grocery store called WinCo Foods.

Now WinCo has everything that a normal grocery store has like Albertsons, Vons, whatever it might be. It’s all the main brands. We see here Hunt’s Ketchup, Jif Peanut Butter, Frank’s Hot Sauce. I put this on everything. This is my stuff right there and stuff like all the commodity, the same stuff that you find on all the different grocery stores. They have it and you get a significant saving because they don’t give you somebody to bag the stuff with you so you have to bag these yourself. So my wife was always going out there and shopping, doing shopping. I’m like, “Why do you go to WinCo? Just go to a regular grocery store.”

So I went with her today and we got these ten, eleven bags with this stuff, right? And if you look at it, the price is $83.57. So, $83.57 for these bags of stuff. What’s up, baby? What do you want? This is my little daughter.

Female Speaker 1: A, B, C?

Sam Bakhtiar: Oh, OK. OK, follow me, follow me. We got – follow – I have no brake. Come on, baby. Hold on. I got to get her iPad set up.

Female Speaker 1: The A, B, C.

Sam Bakhtiar: You want to play the A, B, C? OK. Here is …

Female Speaker 1: The A, B, C, D. The A, B, C.

Sam Bakhtiar: Did you run out of battery?

Female Speaker 1: ABCs.

Sam Bakhtiar: Did she run out of battery? OK, give me one second. OK, wait. Give me one second. OK. [0:02:02] [Indiscernible] daddy. OK. I got to pick her up or she won’t let me do this. OK. So now if you look at those two bags right there – oh here, you can play it on my iPhone. Here you go.

Female Speaker 1: Your phone?

Sam Bakhtiar: OK. You want to play in this? There you go. OK. This phone is for you. There you go. Wait a second. OK. Go play. OK.

So if you see the stuff here, there are two bags here and this is out of Whole Foods and these two bags was $173. Now remember, 10 bags for $83, two bags for $173. Why? Why would you want to pay $173 for these and $83 for that? Because what I get at Whole Foods store, you can’t find anywhere else. Do you see what I mean?

And that’s what it is. It’s not a commodity. OK? You can’t find it anywhere else but at Whole Foods. There’s a special sauce that they make, the special mango sauce that they make. You can’t find it anywhere else. These types of bread, can’t find it out of Whole Foods, can’t find it nowhere else. You have to get it there. Their special bread, avocado spread, their special bars, cheese [0:03:48] [Phonetic] and of course olives and their specialty meat. You can’t get anywhere else.

So the point I’m trying to make with you and your fitness business is if you offer the same thing as anybody else, for example, [Indiscernible] boot camp and that’s it. Well people are going to go price shop. I mean even we and we’re pretty comfortable. We’re not going to go somewhere and pay $130 – honey, how much do we pay for something like this usually at a regular store, grocery store?

Female Speaker 2: About $140, $150.

Sam Bakhtiar: So $140, $150 at a regular grocery store that this will cost but we buy it about $83. So why would I want to throw money away? So even like the affluent, even if you have affluent people that are in your area, they’re not going to just throw their money away. You got to show them real loud. You got to do something above and beyond. Have something that is proprietary that they won’t offer anywhere else.

So that’s why on the stuff that you can get anywhere else like Hunt’s, Aquafina, egg whites, ham, peanut butter, stuff like that, it’s a commodity. So you’re going to shop for the best price. This stuff that we can’t get anywhere else, well, guess what. We have to get it somewhere but we don’t mind paying the price for it.

Your clients are the same. If they’re going to come to your boot camp, they’re going to come to you, your studio and you’re doing stuff that nobody else is doing, then guess what. They will pay for it and if you’re not, you’re just going to offer the same old, same old boot camp that every Jack, Manny and Moe is doing, then he’s just going to price shop. It’s that simple. Just want to get that to you. Take care.