Sam: Hey. What’s going on everybody? This is Sam here at Seven-Figure Retreat with all my friends. I got two people here missing – Steve and Luka who are at the pool party in MGM Grand – but it’s all good. That is Steve’s birthday. Shout out to Steve Krebs. What’s going on?

Anyway, so Neil. We have Neil here. We got Ian here. We got David here, Damien and Kirk. So every one of us, we’re going to ask a question and you want to give the best answer. I’m going to go straight with you, Kirk. Kirk, what is your number one question that you want answered?

Kirk: What is the best solution if someone comes to you and they can’t do one-on-one training and boot camp training and to commit to like weekly set appointments? Do you make a product [0:00:51] [Inaudible] and how do you get that to give them the highest quality possible?

Damien: Well, you got to have different things. You got to have different price offers and also different challenges. So if you’re giving group training, you give the option of [Inaudible] premium or whatever or want to announce that they have a choice of classes. If they’re working shift work [0:01:16] [Inaudible] or something like this but also as well what I did was I did a 21-day ebook [Inaudible] and they want to go with the program and the progressions and [Inaudible] and I think that’s [Inaudible].

Now I’ve only sent that [Inaudible] but that was it. So I have it sitting there but I also did a video of each of those exercises as an offset. So when you bought the book, hey [0:01:56] [Inaudible]. Then what I did try to do was an additional upsell and that was the audio program [Inaudible]. But there is I’m sure a simple way of doing it but what I’m saying is that there is often [Inaudible] but they might want to avail of your services and until you’ve got a coaching program or what not, it might be a viable solution or you could do – you can do online coaching. You’re going to have to sell [Inaudible] and then if you’re interested in more coaching [0:02:41] [Inaudible].

David: What we do at my gym, we have – and this is for the boot camp for group training. It’s at flat monthly rates [Inaudible] like what you’re asking. We have a monthly membership for you that you still have to pay. It’s small but they’re reoccurring revenue no matter what and they could buy packages of boot camp sessions and we have two different contract [Inaudible]. Sessions cost less if you do the one contract or [Inaudible] five bucks or they got more from a shorter contract.

That way, if someone is coming in, just once a week or something, then they’re saving money off having to get their membership but we priced it in a way that if they’re coming at least twice a week, it would make more sense for them to sign the yearlong contract but they pay the monthly membership and that ends up being a bit of value for them. At least that way, if people who are more sporadic or if they don’t – if they have different workout regimen, they’re spending on yoga, whatever [0:03:53] [Inaudible] once a week, we still have something to offer. So that’s what we do.

Ian: For me, to answer your question, what you can do is set up a program design, part of your business, and then write out the program for them and just [Inaudible]. If they can’t come in daily through an assessment or one-on-one and then [Indiscernible] at the program, what you can do is have templates for specific people for a fat loss program or get big program and then you can just send it to them. You can put that online.

What we do to combat that issue is we do group training. We have nine sessions a day and if someone says that they can’t come in 5:30 in the morning or 6 o’clock at night, then they’re working too much. I mean someone has got to be able to fit it into one of those times but I mean you [Indiscernible] but what I would do with someone like that is I set up an assessment. I do one-on-one training session and I will sell them a DVD or the online program depending on [0:05:00] [Inaudible]. In that way, they can take it easily.

Damien: Sorry, just [Inaudible]. We had a thing called satellite program [Inaudible] what you want to do is look at making that long term going three or six months because – to keep accountability with that program [Inaudible]. It has got to be like when you do that session, they pay in advance. We will make it two months or [Inaudible] they come in for two sessions and they pay for the programs. Make sure you charge for [0:05:44] [Inaudible].

Ian: Yeah.

Damien: [Inaudible]

Ian: Yeah.

Sam: Great tips. Neil, got anything?

Neil: I think you have some awesome tips there.

Sam: OK. Now Kirk, I totally agree with Ian. Make sure there’s that smokescreen where you’re just giving an excuse to not want to sign up because usually if you have – pretty much you said a bunch of different things [0:06:10] [Inaudible] but sometimes it’s a smokescreen. They just don’t want to do anything and if it’s not a smokescreen, you know, you then have what I call [Inaudible]. What we do we have [Indiscernible]. OK? We have semi-private training. Next up we have boot camp training. We have metabolic training.

Obviously we talked about some more advanced [0:06:36] [Inaudible] but also if you look at my website, it’s Coaching with Dr. Sam on [Inaudible]. I do online coaching with somebody [Inaudible] and they’re willing to pay for it and the way you charge it is no different than what you charge when you train somebody one on one. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually in the place. Whatever time you [Inaudible] that’s what your time is worth.

So a lot of people are like, well, I’m not going to be here so I can charge less and they kind of devalue themselves. So if you’re worth $100 an hour and that program cost you one hour each so right now then you should charge for $100 for that program design, for that week or whatever it is.

You know what I mean? So, kind of a coaching program that you’re totally increasing your reach. So some people, a small percentage, live somewhere else but then they want you to coach them. Now you’re not geographically-limited. You can [Indiscernible] people all across the country or the world for that matter and you get paid for it.

So I think that’s a great way to do it. As a matter of fact, one of my good friends, a coaching client is AJ. He’s coming out with that thing I told you before, the done-for-you bunch of videos that you can tell your clients, “Hey, watch this video. Well, this is your program and this workout program,” and I love Ian’s templates. Different things, you know, gain weight template, over 60 [Phonetic] templates. You know what I mean? That kind of stuff. I think you can definitely expand your niche in kind of a whole different income stream.