Hey, what’s up? Kaiser here and welcome back to day five. Hope you’ve been getting a lot of great value and information so far in the past four days but now we’re going to get into really what it’s all about, what you’ve been building up to, and it’s the reason why you have a business or in the fitness business in the first place and it has to do with closing sales.

Now it might seem kind of funny to you that we got into this part so late after five days. This is really the right way, the right order that we did it in because a lot of people, they make a mistake. They go for the sale right away from the beginning and they don’t do any of that pre-selling work. Now without that, your likelihood of making this sale right off the bat is low but when you’ve done your work beforehand, when you’ve gotten that traffic in, captured your leads and built that relationship, then closing that sale just becomes a lot easier. It becomes almost automatic.

So we’re going to talk about a few things that we can do to even make this process a little easier. Now the first thing right off the bat that you have to remember, what you’re selling, the bottom line is your products and what you need to remember about that is it has to be something that people want to buy. So it’s almost like common sense but you just see so many people forget this point.

They forget putting out a product that their audience actually wants to buy and they wonder why they don’t sell any of them. Well it comes down to that. It comes down to having a weak product. Now if you’ve been doing all of your work leading up to here, if you’ve been talking to your audience building that relationship, well then you should have a good idea of what their primary problem is.

For example if your site is a fitness site devoted to golfers, if that’s your particular niche, that’s what you’re very good at, well then by now you should have identified what it is – the major problems the golfers are having or what’s that tiny problem that you really want to tackle, that they’re facing that’s going unresolved and you have the answer to and that should be the focus of your product, something that they want.

Now if that product is hot, if it is something they want, there are a few triggers that you can go in there to make your product just – to make that offer that you have, to make it very, very attractive and make people want to jump on it. The first one is to have bonuses. Everybody likes bonuses. They always add value to the original product and the way to craft a good bonus is for it to kind of highlight the angle that’s not covered in the product alone.

So if someone likes a product, once they see that bonus, it should be what pushes them over the edge. Now the second thing that you need to have whenever you’re trying to sell something is testimonials and that’s a given. That’s a must. You will see your success rate almost double if you have testimonials and when it comes to testimonials, there really is no rule. The more the better. You could have them running up and down in your entire page and it wouldn’t be a problem.

You want them to be specific. You want them to touch on positives of the product. So if you do have a lot of success stories, you may want to guide your customer into giving you a testimonial because a lot of times people don’t know what to say. They might just say, “Hey, my golf trainer, my online golf trainer is just a nice guy” That doesn’t do anything. That’s not a valuable testimonial. So it may take a little coaching but whatever it takes, make sure you get them.

The last thing that you want to have, I mean we already talked about the bonuses in your product, the testimonials and if there’s still any doubt left, you want to make sure there’s a guarantee and again, on the internet if you’ve been online since the early days – I myself have but there used to be a lot of scamming going on in those days and people are still really afraid of that and they’re always aware of that. We always get those scam emails in our email box and in general people, even beyond the scamminess of the internet, they’re afraid to make a bad decision. Even if they built that relationship with you, if they want the product, they’re still maybe afraid to do it. So give them a very strong guarantee. You can make the guarantee very, very bold. Have it promise a lot and just make sure your product backs it up and you’re going to have no problem but it needs to be there.

All right. So I think we went through everything that really goes into having a strong offer to having an attractive product and to closing that sale. The product itself, the concept needs to be strong and then you need to have some of these basic areas backing it up and you’re going to find a lot of people really taking you up on your offer if you’ve done all the other previous steps, if you’ve done your homework and you’ve done it right.

All right. So, nothing more to say about that. Well actually, there is a lot more to say about that. There is a lot more details on this subject and it’s all covered in Big Money. We just go into a lot of details and specifics in creating your product, how to make it, how to package it, how to promote it.

What you have here really is just valuable but really an overview. If you’re really ready to get started and to get some results and really start making some big money, then find out a little bit more about the course. You’re on the page right now. Just scroll down and if you’re ready to start your first week for free, just click the button and you will be starting in just a few seconds.

All right. So that’s it for today. We’ve got two more lessons coming up so I know you’re probably real eager to find out what we’re going to get to next so all you have to do is wait until tomorrow. I will talk to you then.