Kaiser here and welcome back to day four of your seven-day course on how to take your fitness business online and I don’t know if I mentioned it coming up to here but I just want to remind you right now that every part of this course from one to seven is something that you need to give an equal amount of weight.

So we’ve talked about so far traffic, capturing your leads and today we’re going to talk about relationships and every single one of them is just as important as the other. But what I’m going to get into today is just really how important relationships are in making sales online.

This is really one of the easiest points to understand if you have experience as a trainer. As a trainer, you go through a relationship that soon starts to dominate any training relationship, any personal training relationship. So when it comes to fitness online, the relationship is number one in that setting as well. Nothing changes.

So if you have good relationships offline, you just need to learn to use the tools that you have online to build those same strong relationships and you’re going to get – I was about to say you’re going to get the same results but on the scale that we’re talking about, when you have the whole world as your audience, the results are going to get much, much bigger.

Now let’s talk a little bit about those tools. The first thing you have at your disposal is a blog. Now we’ve already covered that so far and a blog really, what it stands for is web blog, if you didn’t know that already. What that means is that it’s really a place for you to go and talk about what’s happening in your life. You talk about your own experiences. Talk about your feelings, emotions and of course you want to give value to your visitor.

That’s very, very important but the blog is really like your personal vehicle to get your personality out there and you have to use it for that purpose. You might think that you don’t want to talk too much about your own slant or your own angle, your own personal stuff but that’s really what your visitors want to hear about and what they want to learn about. So use it to its fullest. That’s the bottom line.

Number two, the second thing you have to use is video. Again, very, very powerful. You’re watching me through video right now. You can not only learn the information that I have to give you but also get a feel for the type of person I am and whether or not you want to trust me and form a relationship even if it’s just through a computer screen, whether you want to go and use me as a source of information for you in the future.

Well, the same way that me and you are kind of forming that relationship now, when it comes to fitness and when it comes to your clients and your audience, they will work exactly the same way. So again, video is very powerful, much more powerful than a spoken word and the funny part is you can put your blog and video together and it will almost run like an ongoing television show or your blog posts [0:03:18] [Indiscernible] communicating or demonstrating or whatever it is you’re doing through a video.

Number three. This one is very basic but something to keep in mind. It’s email. Now if you did part three of this program correctly, if you are capturing leads, well then now you now have permission to email your audience, your leads, your potential clients, whatever you want to call them.

So again, this is a big deal. I mean we don’t really think of it as being anything too extraordinary but when someone gives you permission to be in their email box, that’s something that’s very valuable. You can’t take it lightly. So that’s your opportunity to give them value, to direct them to your blog, direct them to your video, to keep them updated really on what’s happening in your world and how it relates to your clients and their goals.

So when you really put these three things together which has a powerful matrix, you just – I’m looking for the right word. I don’t want to say attack but you’re communicating with your customers, with your potential customers in different ways through all different angles and really hitting their brain.

There are different ways they take in information and when you combine it all together, it becomes very, very powerful and eventually can lead to a lot of sales. Not just from the very beginning but as the whole process – as it starts to grow on each other, as it starts to accumulate, the sooner it becomes really, really powerful. So that’s where the effect comes from and eventually leads into big, big sales

All right. So that’s the bottom line. That’s what we’re going after so I just wanted to write that word out for you right there and I [0:05:16] [Indiscernible] believe we’re only up to day four of this program. We have three more to go so don’t forget to look out for your future lessons and if you’re ready to get started into learning the details on how to specifically execute every one of these areas, it’s on the Big Money course. For more info on that and to get started with your first [Inaudible] all you have to do is scroll down on this page. All right. So that’s it for today and I’m going to talk to you again tomorrow.