Kaiser here and I want to welcome you to day two of your seven-day course of taking your fitness business online and today we’re going to get into some actual tactics and the topic we have today, you can see it up right there, right there on the paper behind me.

It’s all about traffic and it’s funny when you talk about traffic because it all boils down to it. Traffic is make or break because if people aren’t landing on your site, then [0:00:27] [Indiscernible]. Everything on the backend can be really nice and you would be doing a good job with your content. You can be the leading expert in the world of what you do but if you don’t have that traffic and people don’t land on that site, then it’s game over right there.

So let’s get into a few simple strategies that you can use right now right off the bat to start getting traffic to your site and the longer you do them, the more they will grow and the more effective they will be. So the sooner you start, the better.

The first one is having a blog. Now that is probably not news to you. A blog is very important. The reason it’s so important for traffic is because it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can give each blog post a different title so I mean the search engines can find each one in a different way. Also what happens is all your blog posts, they start to build on each other. They all have similar content depending on the subject you’re dealing with. For example, if you’re dealing with kettlebells, then every blog post will talk about that. So soon, your site becomes an authority site on kettlebells and what the search engines are going to do is they’re going to pick up on that so they will start sending traffic to your blog and what you will find is just off the content alone, you’re going to get anywhere from 50 to 100 visitors a day in just a few months.

Assuming you can keep those visitors and service them well and turn them into customers and then turn them into repeat customers, off this alone, you could make a very, very strong business and many people, thousands and thousands of people make hundreds of thousands a year just off of having powerful, effective blogs and off the fact that it’s a major source of traffic.

Now the second thing we’re going to talk about is a little more technical. It’s SEO and what that stands for is search engine optimization. Now that relates to point one in a way because search engine optimization are really the strategies you use to make sure that the search engines really pick up on the content you have there.

Now it has to do with linking back to your blog post or linking back to your website in general. It has to deal with who’s linking to you, what kind of text they’re using to link to you. Now this is a pretty complicated subject but right now, we’re all on the Big Money page so if you want to get started with that training program, we get into SEO. A lot of details on there.

Now this could be very, very valuable and bring thousands of people to your blog and not cost you any money which is a really good situation. I happen to know somebody who makes over $1 million just off this one info product every year because he’s really taking a lot of time to learn search engine optimization and that’s why we cover it so much in the Big Money course.

The last thing I’m going to talk about is relatively new. I guess you can’t really call it new anymore but not a lot of people are using it as their primary source of traffic and that’s video and video depending on what you sell, what your niche is, what your product is. For example if your product is – or your niche happens to be combat conditioning, that’s something that would translate really well to video. That’s something that somebody would watch and people that are into combat conditioning are raving fans for it so they probably watched all of your videos, visit your website, tell their friends about it and then if they’re getting a lot of good content, they will buy what you’re selling.

So video depending on what you do can be very, very effective and it could basically do the entire job for you. If you go and record a lot of videos, put it up, then optimize it in a way that people really find it. You can find it brings in so much quality traffic to your site that basically that’s all you need. You can forget about everything else.

All right. So we covered three of the methods, three of the most popular methods, three of the most effective methods out there for bringing traffic to your site because like we talked about, that’s really the starting point with anything you do online.

Now if you want to get into detail in any of these subjects, we go into a lot of detail in the Big Money course and you should be on that page right now. So if you want more info on that, you can just scroll down and find out all about it and you can of course get started to your first week for free.

All right. So hope you got a lot out of today’s lesson and there’s another one coming tomorrow so check your email box and I will talk to you then.