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Hello everyone. Sean here with Finally Fit. I have a fitness business in Vancouver called Finally Fit and I just want to shoot a very quick video to tell you about my experience working with Sam and his coaching program. And I’ll just tell you my story.

I’ve had my business for about two and a half years and I’ve worked with many coaches in the past and I got a lot of value from a lot of them. But the biggest and the most impactful lesson that I got from Sam and that’s I guess the main thing that I’m really grateful for working with him is that I learned that I set my entire business model the wrong way the entire time. And none of the past trainers that I worked with was able to point this out.

So basically, I was building this long ladder. I got to a point I had four trainers and 20 something clients and I still wasn’t being profitable. That means I had a lot of cash flow coming in and I thought I’m making a lot of money but really, I wasn’t. I was really just having money but the money was just going out as a result of having high expense because of having the wrong business model.

So, Sam really pointed this out to me because he had the experience doing the same exact thing himself and he really showed me that the entire thing was set up wrong. And so, that’s probably the biggest take-away from him.

The other amazing lesson that I got from him is the culture of creating value for clients and treating my clients as one of my family and how to go about doing that. So he showed me something. And I started using immediately and I started bonding with my clients in the level that I never thought before and really appreciated them more. And as a result of that, I had a lot more success.

And the other reason that I actually chose Sam is really the fact that he is living the life that I wanted to have is to having a beautiful family, having a very successful business, having a lot of – really providing a lot of value to people and that’s what I really admire. And also, just the way he is in taking care of himself, taking care of his body, taking care of his mind, the love that he has for his daughter. It’s just beautiful.

So I really, really admire Sam and if you’re thinking of getting closer with him, I honestly believe that it’s one of the best investments that you can make is to invest in yourself. And what better way of doing that than to go to someone who has what you want meaning, a 7-figure business and amazing beautiful family and just living the life that most of us want to have.

So, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you find it valuable. If you have any question, feel free to contact me just…