Chris McCombs: … before and you have – I’ve been there too. I mean I was there a few years ago and it’s like oh, it just became horrible. What I would do is at least at first come up with a killer headline. Like, you will follow one of the great headline forms. If you go Google like hundred greatest headlines of all time, I think you will probably find an article by Jay Abraham of like a hundred awesome headlines. Go with that. Get some ideas for your headline. Use one of those structures. Have a killer headline.

Have an awesome video under the headline with lots of examples of your workout, some rocking music, lots of before and after pictures flashing on there and lots of testimonials from your clients giving specifics about what their life like was before they joined your program. What were they skeptical about? What are the specific results that they achieved and what is their life like now?

You can get those kinds of results in that video and then under it, just have fucking tons of before and after pictures, of all your clients. I mean any trainer should be stockpiling before and after pictures, dude, like crazy. I mean that should be one of your top priorities and then at the bottom, have a strong call to action, whether that be, “Register now,” or “Opt in now,” or “Call now.”

If you follow that simple structure, that will get you started while you’re at least learning sales copies but yes, long, direct response sales copy works way better than just some kind of branded website and even short direct response sales copy works well too.

Typically the higher end you’re trying to get someone to do, the bigger hoop you’re trying to get them to jump, dude, if you’re trying to get them to pull up their wallet and pop over three grand, typically you will need more proof. You will need longer copy but if it’s just a small thing like opting in, a lot of times, you can go by with a lot less copy but the key is that page should be there for one thing, to do one thing and it shouldn’t be there to get your name out there so people know who you are. It should be to get them to call, get them to opt in and get them to register. Whatever the hell you decided to do, that page should do that and direct response copy is the way to do that.

Michael Duivis: Yeah. That’s great, man. That’s a really good piece of advice. So Kaiser told me to have this interview be 10 minutes so I think it’s like 30 or 40 now.

Chris McCombs: Oh, I didn’t know that, dude!

Michael Duivis: I know.

Chris McCombs: Damn, dude.

Michael Duivis: Well, hey, that little piece of advice that you just said, it’s in the Market Annihilator. I’m a member myself. I’m really loving it so far and honestly, I don’t know how I got in because it was sold out. I think I got in right before it sold out or something like that. There are only 150 people that were allowed first time. Are you ever going to reopen that program again or how is that going to go? Do people have to wait?

Chris McCombs: Yeah. We actually opened it a few months on November to 150 people. It sold out in six days and I didn’t want to open it to too many people for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons being this was my first like online coaching program and I didn’t know if things were going to crash or break. I didn’t want to have a huge mess on my hands. So let’s start out conservative. We did that. OK, the system is humming along fine. People are getting great results.

We got customer service dialed in. Everything is dialed and perfect so I’m actually re-launching it first thing in the morning. This time, I’m looking at 9:00 AM Eastern time. I’m going to let in 75 more people and this is going to be 9:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday, February 23rd and as soon as those 75 people join, I’m going to close it. It won’t be open long and like I said, last time, we did 150 in 6 days. This time it will probably be shorter than that.

So I’m opening it. It is super in-depth search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media advertising, blogging, video marketing, sales copy writing, online and classified advertising. It’s everything that the personal trainer or health club owner, fitness studio owner or boot camp instructor will need to know to just kill it online and get tons of clients and just to convert tons of visitors into clients. Get tons of visitors. Make tons of money. It’s the most in-depth internet marketing out there in the whole industry.

Michael Duivis: Yeah. It’s kind of like you’re giving yourself an unfair advantage over the rest. That’s how I look at it.

Chris McCombs: Definitely, definitely. For sure.

Michael Duivis: Yeah, definitely. So you will want to check that out. Now that’s pretty much it. Thanks a lot for the interview. Do you have anything else that you want to add to this or …

Chris McCombs: You know what, Michael, I appreciate your time and I’ve [0:04:41] [Indiscernible]. Just some of the emails you sent and something. I can totally tell that you’re a one-percenter so dude, I’m totally looking forward to your thing blowing up huge and Kaiser is someone who in the industry, he definitely has one of the coolest blogs out there, man. He does things his own way. His blog is fun. He has got his own niche.

The dude is awesome and I appreciate him having me and I think Kaiser has got one of the coolest stuff, blogs, niches, personalities in the industry and he’s teaching people how to do things and he’s making it fun, man. So, props to you. Props to Kaiser. I’m stoked you guys had me.

Michael Duivis: Yeah, definitely. My props to Kaiser too because he got me out of the gym so I can only say good things about him..

Chris McCombs: Definitely.

Michael Duivis: But yeah, you too. Thanks a lot for the interview and I will talk to you soon.

Chris McCombs: Awesome. Thank you, Michael.

Michael Duivis: Bye, man. Thanks.