Bedros Keuilian: … teach people on, I don’t want you to speak and so that’s how this whole thing came about. In 2008, we had the Fitness Business Summit and we had about 300 attendees so we have more than doubled our attendants and here, May 1, 2 and 3 of ’09, we’re expecting 350 to 400 fitness professionals. Already seven different countries have registered to attend which is really cool.

I never thought I could pull anything like that [0:00:36] [Indiscernible] and like you said, it’s beyond just the general hand out a business card or pack up a flyer on the phone pole or go to your local Chamber of Commerce and deal with all these people who are bitching and moaning about the economy. This is hardcore fitness marketing strategies that work, that work online, that work offline, teach you how to create info products, teach you how to market info products, teach you how to monetize a boot camp the right way, the personal training studio the right way and it’s also people who are actively doing it today and not just people who profess.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah. That’s really a unique group of people there. Anyone that attends, that shows up, it’s going to open up your mind to a new way of thinking. I think as personal trainers, we’re just kind of notorious for being really old school. I don’t know if it has to do with the fact that – what we deal with. This is a very basic and hands-on or just – I don’t know if this is the type of people that are attracted to training. There’s a certain point you have to break out of that and that’s why I recommend your conference because it’s really going to open up people’s minds to a whole new way of thinking. Like, you talk about the mindsets, psychology of the customer and also just a business too.

So yeah, so that’s a kind of a warning out there for anyone that’s planning to go. It’s going to rock your world but it seems like it’s kind of [0:02:03] [Indiscernible] by you, right?

Bedros Keuilian: Yeah, absolutely, and I got to tell you. This is one of those events and I don’t want to sound crude here but it’s not a phrase that I used. It’s a phrase that one of the attendees from Summit ’08 used. As he was leaving, it was Sunday, the last presenter had spoken and this guy pulled me inside and he said, “Bedros, this was as eye-opening as the day I lost my virginity.”

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah.

Bedros Keuilian: And that to me, like I said, sounds a little crude but I had an “aha” moment because – and I can tell you that they use their virginity. You realize that, “Oh my gosh, in high school, we talked about it. We wondered what it would be like and all of a sudden, it happens and we know it.”

The funny thing [0:02:48] [Indiscernible] this guy emails me and says he’s making a quarter million now when he was just hovering under $100,000. So obviously he had his “aha” moment but I promise anyone that attends we will have that “aha” moment because you feel the energy. You get to network with people who are doing it, get to shake hands and talk to people who are making the money that you want to be making, have the freedom and lifestyle that you want and then you shake hands with them.

Once that happens, once you break that contact barrier – and I believe this is the whole NLP thing. Once you break that contact barrier, then you shake hands or you touch someone who’s already at where you want to be, you’re like 10 steps closer to being there because now it’s not a dream anymore in your head. You actually met and talked to someone and shook hands with someone who’s already there. It makes it that much more real.

Kaiser Serajuddin: Yeah, absolutely. I’m a really big believer in that too, all this stuff. This stuff that you read online and email and all this type of contact, it’s a very, very weak alternative to actually showing up and listening to someone in person. It’s not just the info. It’s the personal contact.

So definitely I’m going to be there and I encourage anyone – not anyone. Everyone, to show up too. I hope you have the space [0:04:03] [Indiscernible] because I’m hoping a lot of people will come. So Bedros, thanks man. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for really laying it down here. Like I said, I’ve learned a lot and again, you’re one of the people that I really – that I look to for info in this biz and I just hope everyone else wises up and they start to get with the program too.

Bedros Keuilian: Well, hey, man. It was my pleasure that you took the time to interview me and I’m glad that I had a little bit of impact in your business decisions. Thanks a lot for having me.

Kaiser Serajuddin: All right, Bedros.