Hey what going on Super Trainers!!

The other day my wife and I went to get a little workout at our local 24 hour fitness in Chino Hills. Now I have heard from others that the “big box” gyms have now started fitness boot camps but now I have PROOF.

Checkout what I discovered in a beautiful Saturday morning in Chino Hills, Ca.

This is EXACTLY what I have been preaching about. America is the greatest country in the world because of free enterprise and CAPITALISM. Which means we all have the right to work for ourselves and write our own paychecks.

FYI: I love the fact that I sign my name in the front of the check and not the back ;)

That’s why we all went in business for ourselves in the first place. So we really can’t get upset at anyone wanting a piece of the pie now can we? After all this is America and as soon as there is an opportunity everyone and their grandma jumps on the bandwagon. It’s always a matter of time til the “big boys” get in the game and wanting a piece of the action.

(remember a few years ago everyone and their grandma was in “real estate”)

We even saw the rise and now fall of “The Broke Body Boot Camp” franchise.

FYI: I talked the co-owner’s brother and found out the real reason why he left broke body boot camp. My hats off to him for leaving and reaching out and trying to make things right with his brother.

As far as I am concerned the name “Boot Camp” is a commodity and it’s TOTALLY PLAYED OUT.

So if you’re thinking of opening a new facility I highly recommend against using the word “boot camp”. I am not without fault as I jumped on the bandwagon and have a few “boot camps” as well. (but I’m smart enough to jump off of a sinking ship ;)

Now that I think of it my boy Pat Rigsby saw this coming and didn’t jump on the bandwagon. He created
Fitness Revolution that offers impeccable service and notice he stayed away from the word
“boot camp”. No wonder Fitness Revolution surpassed broke body boot camp. They simply
delivered on what they promised and differentiated. Big lesson to be learned here.

You can and should offer boot camp style workouts but don’t call it boot camp. Differentiate.

I warned you ;)

Hey. What’s going on, everybody? It’s your main man Seven-Figure Sam here in beautiful Chino Hills, California. As you can see, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning. I’m here with my wife to get a quick workout. Check it out. We’re in front of 24 Hour Fitness and I knew this was going to happen so I walked in today this morning and I hear some noises outside on the parking lot.

Now, go ahead and look at behind me. You see it? You see that? Yes, that’s right. They actually [0:03:32] [Indiscernible] 24Hour Fitness to start having boot camps and it was just a matter of time. So guess what. My membership here is $49 a year, right? That’s right. It’s like four bucks a month. These guys are getting boot camp for four bucks a month. So if you don’t have a way to differentiate yourself, you are a commodity right now.

So all those boot camps out there and all that kind of stuff, you might as well start differentiating yourself because right now, these guys are offering boot camp for $49 a year. All right? Reporting to you. I knew this was going to happen. I’m going to go get my workout and see you.

Hey. What’s going on again? This is your main man Seven-Figure Sam inside of 24 Hour Fitness in Chino Hills. It is packed in here. Take a look over there. OK. Now as you can see, they estimate about 10,000 people signed up at the 24 Hour Fitness [0:01:40] [Indiscernible] 24 Hour Fitness because these are about five or six percent population that actually come in and use the gym. Now, with this big reach, I mean these 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness reach a mass of people.

So these guys are offering – for signing up like $29 a month for everything, [Inaudible] boot camps, everything. And as far as for me, since I’ve been a member for a while, my renewal just came up and my renewal costs $49 the whole year. Like I said, you get everything, all access, boot camps and everything and as far as I’m concerned, boot camps are dead. They’re on the way to decline [0:02:18] [Indiscernible] hit a critical mass and from then on, started to decline.

If I was going to start a new business right now, it wouldn’t be called boot camps. It would be called fitness. Now you’re calling yourself a boot camp, you come down to a commodity. Nobody will know the difference. As far as a regular person is concerned, a boot camp is the same boot camp. Your boot camp is the same boot camp they offer at 24 Hour Fitness at $49 a year. So why should they pay for $149, $197, whatever you charge?

They don’t know the differentiation because they have to come and check it out. Obviously I know your boot camps are going to be way better than the boot camp [Inaudible] but they don’t know that. If you’re going to say “boot camp,” they just go price shopping. You got to definitely, definitely differentiate yourself. Give it a different name. If I were going to start boot camp today, it wouldn’t be called a boot camp. It would be called fitness. OK?

This is your main man Seven-Figure Sam. Take a look at the cardio [0:03:16] [Inaudible]. Signing off with you. Take care.