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It is a basic human desire to want to be accepted. Usually this means being part of a group. Over the years I have seen some pretty crazy things in the fitness industry, but this new phenomenon just blows my mind.

The phenomenon is Fitness Gangs! Defined as a group of fitness pro’s or trainers who blindly follow a “guru” to the point that being part of the “group” becomes more important than actually growing their business.

In our industry there are hundreds of guru’s to follow, learn from, get mentorships from etc. Each one offers his/her own style and techniques to help fitness business owners and trainers flourish. I truly believe and follow Bruce Lee’s famous strategy of taking all that is useful from many sources, and rejecting what is not.

Unfortunately in our industry it seems that many people get caught up “drinking the kool-aid” of just one person or group. It becomes almost like a cult, or a gang. This instantly causes close mindedness. Gang members start rejecting useful information from others just because they are not in their “set”. They will also begin following anything that the “gang leader” throws out there, even things that are completely useless, and do not provide results (a.k.a. lead boxes…..)

When you meet fitness gang members they will quote their leader, act like their leader, and sometimes even dress like their leader……. Some seriously weird and scary shit.


Sometimes people might not even know they are part of a gang, so I wanted to throw together a small list that might help you figure it out:




In my career I have followed many coaches and taken away awesome information from all of them. I didn’t always agree or follow everything they taught. I took what was useful to me, and rejected all that wasn’t. I have surrounded myself with coaches like Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry, Jim Labadie, and Sam who encourage their coaching clients to gather information from everyone and take action. Please don’t become another casualty of Fitness Gang Life.



Thug Life 4 Eva!


Steve Krebs

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