Business Systems – The Secret To Every Successful Business

Business Systems – The Secret To Every Successful Business

Posted on 30. Aug, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

I know we talk about systems a lot. The reason you hear the word systems so much is because every legit and mature business is ran by them, not by the owner. Systems are the secret to every successful business. Systems allow you to duplicate your business and make it scalable. It is the only way to truly have a successful business.

People always ask me why systems are so important. Systems ensure that your business runs smoothly even if you are not there to look after it. As your fitness business grows you need systems to manage that growth. It’s the only way to build a solid foundation. If you don’t manage that growth your business can quickly get out of hand and fall apart. Then all of your hard work marketing to get all those people in the door goes to waste.


The other question I get is what should I systematize in my fitness business? Take a look at your business and see what needs improving. If you are not getting enough leads, then you need some lead generation or marketing systems in place. If your leads are falling through the cracks then you might want to put a follow up system in place.


Also, look at areas in your business where you are spending a lot of time. If you are spending a lot of time on tasks that are not producing revenue then you definitely want to create a system for it and then outsource it.
These are the most important systems to have in place. Even if you have a brand new company, you should implement these right away. It will save you a lot of trouble later on.


To get started, all you have to do is list all of the steps and procedures for each task and put them in a 3 ring binder. It’s that simple.


If you take the time to put systems in place now, it will keep your business from going stagnant. You will be able to continue to grow your business month to month without increasing your workload or stress. It also makes replacing employees a lot easier. All you have to do is teach the new person the system and then they are good to go.

After you create your systems and have your employees using them, ask for feedback so you can keep dialing in your systems and make them better.


Don’t take this lightly and implement these strategies right away. The quality of your systems will determine the future success of your business.


Jeff Sherman

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31. Aug, 2011

Jeff, As always love your breakdown. Systems are a crucial part of the biz that often gets over looked. Tweak, test, repeat.
Thanks for sharing


31. Aug, 2011

Awesome!! Just got chris combs delegation freedom system but it doesn’t go over all these systems..where can I get coaching or -done for you- type programs to provide me what should or could be inside?




31. Aug, 2011


Thanks for the comment. Always tweaking, always improving…


31. Aug, 2011


Hey, Thanks for the comment. As far as coaching goes, I Sam is your guy.

As far as the done for you program, Me and Justin Blum will be launching a done for you online/interactive workshop in a few weeks, where we will give you the exact systems we use in our boot camps. You will also get a live workshop in Vegas (included) to help you customize those systems to your specific business.

Keep an eye out for an email from Sam about it. I may be able to get Sam to throw in some coaching along with the workshop ;)

Thanks again.


31. Aug, 2011

Great post !! This is something that I been working on getting down. I def need some help to make sure I have everything in good shape.

Jeff, I will def look out for that system workshop your doing !!

7Figure Sam

01. Sep, 2011

Jeff and Justin gave me a sneak peak of their new program and it’s one of the best I have ever seen.

Their program is not based on theory, it’s basically a swipe and deploy system.

I wish there were an exact program like this when I first got started.

I don’t know how much they plan on charging for it BUT I will tell you it will make you a S*** loads of money and help you totally put your business on autopilot.

I believe in this program so much so that I will throw in my OWN time to coach whoever decides to invest in it.

Billy Colburn

01. Sep, 2011

I will DEFINITELY be investing in that work shop. This is something I have need SERIOUS help on for a while. Thanks Sam for keeping the content relevant and to the point. You are changing lives!

Sako Yakinian

04. Sep, 2011

Great post Jeff! This ir probably one of the most important things if you want to grow your business and not constantly be stuck in the business.

Yup I heard about Jeff and Justins program as well at the mastermind, those two are on top of their game! can’t wait to get it!

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