Hey Super Trainers. Over the years I am blown away by the fact that 99% of fitness pros don’t know their CRITICAL numbers.

I have no idea how they stay in business….

If you want to run a viable business then everything must be measured and tracked.



This is a form that we use in my businesses and I call it the KPI form (Key Performance Indicator)

This form to my business is like getting a physical for my health.

This form tells me EXACTLY what I am doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

Please feel free to download this at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!!!

Key Performance Indicators


  1.  Total # Leads_______
  2. Source 1. _____ Source 2.______ Source 3. ______ Source 4._______
  3. Evaluations Set_______      Show_______     Closed________
  4. Set vs. Show ___________%
  5. Show vs. Closed _________%
  6. Total Customers _________   New Customers (This MO)____   Promos____
  7. Falloff this month______
    1. Customers names (listed) + Reason
  8. Income Vs. Expenses
    1. Last Year________
    2. This Year________
    3. Change______%
  9. Goals ($              ) Monthly
    1.  Actual $________
    2. __________(+/-)
    3. Total Reoccurring $_______
  10. Annual Goals
    1. Total Year To Date $________
    2. $_______ (+/-) Pace