Hello Fitness Family,

Eat More, Weigh Less?

Yup, you read it right…

Don’t rub your eyes, do not pinch your cheek; yes you’re awake, this is not a dream.

I’m not saying you can eat more food than your body can use and successfully lose weight.


I am saying that eating more FREQUENTLY may help you lose more body fat, by controlling your cravings.

Does this describe your day……

You wake up in a panic at the sound of the alarm clock.

Side Note: It’s my professional opinion that alarm clocks are not good for your health. I mean not too many years ago, the only sound that woke us up was a predator. Alarm clock activates our “fight or flight mechanism” and decreases the appetite for the most important meal of the day ===> Breakfast

You think to yourself….

“It’s (fill in the time you wake up) already?”

You hit the snooze button

And 9 minutes later, you wake up once again in a panic because now you’re 9 minutes late.

Why 9 minutes? I don’t know ask Apple, that’s how they designed the iPhone.

So you skip breakfast.

For lunch, it’s faith…

Whatever the office decides.

By the time you get home for dinner, you’re starving and want to eat the whole fridge.

Sound familiar?

Congratulations, unfortunately you’re a normal hard working American.

Hunger doesn’t equal to fat loss.

Don’t do anything that’s not sustainable.

Eat good quality food before you get hungry.

If you’re interested in EXACTLY what to eat and how to lose maximum body fat in minimum time simple reply to this email.

Talk soon,


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