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Hey! What’s up everyone? This is Christian from SuperTrainer.com and I hope you’re having an awesome day and I want to talk to you guys about blogging, how I blog and what are some of the resources that I use to automate my blogging. Now, I must admit that blogging is not a natural skill of mine nor I do not like to do it on a regular basis but I know it’s very vital and important to my local business because it’s easy to get website traffic from local visitors that are searching for your service and it’s also a great tool to build relationships with your prospects, current clients and past prospects.

So I’ve been getting a lot of Facebook messages and emails from a lot of people that follow the site and they’re asking me, “You got a nice blog. How do you blog? You come up with a lot of content quite often,” and today I want to share with you guys how I come out with content all the time without really doing anything.

Now most recently I just changed our business name to Aguirre Fitness. That’s my last name. So I want to optimize a couple of pages on the web for that term, Aguirre Fitness, personal training Aguirre Fitness. But you know what? I don’t have time. Just like most of you, I train clients. I market for my business. I network with a lot of small business owners in my town. I’m a dad plus I like to do other things besides this internet marketing stuff but I do know it’s important.

So, I outsource a lot of this stuff but I know there’s a lot of fear out there with finding really good article writers that understand English but I do have a resource that I do want to share with you guys and her name is Elaine Maxwell. She lives in Southern California. That’s her with John Carlton, famous copywriter. I met her this summer at a marketing conference and we hooked up. She wrote a couple articles for me and this is her email, Maxela10@Yahoo.com. Again, that’s Maxela10@Yahoo.com. You could also find her on Facebook. She got my articles to me within 24 hours. She understands about SEO, keyword density throughout the whole article and I told her what my keyword terms I wanted to go after and she got them out to me. I put them through Copyscape and they’re all original content. So if you do not have an article writer or if you want someone that you can trust, this is Elaine Maxwell.

So this is actually one of her articles that she wrote for me. It’s about 500 words long. I just copy and pasted this thing throughout my blog. Put up some images because Google likes to crawl images with text and just text in general. So if you’re worried about your current clients coming around to these articles, reading them and they don’t make sense, don’t worry because Elaine writes in direct response where it is persuasive and it does make sense because it’s done by another person who speaks English. But if you do not want it to be found by current people, all you got to do is go to your post by month; and what I’ve done, I’ve actually posted a lot of my SEO articles back in ’09. So I just moved those articles to a later date so that they don’t really pop up on my current blogs right now or my current blog posts right now.

So that is one technique. So if you have 50 or 60 terms that you currently have to go through and that you want to optimize for, I highly recommend just hire Elaine or just hire someone. Just find somebody. Have them write these articles for you and so you don’t spend any time doing it. So that’s what I recommend so use her.

The other technique I want to teach you guys is video. Now, my wife does a lot of her videos. I don’t like to write. I actually suck at writing. I’m not very good at writing but my wife is really good on camera. She likes to go on camera and it’s pretty quick. So what we do is we actually have Market Samurai. It’s a software where it does a lot of your keyword research for you where it will tell you exactly what kind of keywords you should look for and what kind of key terms you need to go for and what your competitors are using. But if you don’t want to spend any money which I totally understand because I didn’t have any money in the beginning when I started any of this, you could use Google Keyword Tool. Now I just used a general term. I just typed in “rapid weight loss” and you could see the competition, global searches, local searches. I go for stuff that are medium, that have over at least 100,000 searches per month.

So say for example you want to go for the word “weight loss tips,” right? So we’re going to take the word “weight loss” just because it’s not too competitive but it is a term that people do search for. All you have to do is make up a video and use that word “weight loss tips” throughout the video.

Now in this video, we went after the word “weight loss for vegetarians”. Now my wife did I believe a six-minute video. She said the word. She said the keyword “weight loss for vegetarians” in the beginning of the video, throughout the video and towards the end of the video and then what we did was we got a transcriber; and what she did was she just listened to the video, wrote a transcription and then she just gave me the transcription and all I did was copy and paste.

So on my end, it really didn’t take me any work at all because it’s very important to have text in your blogs because Google does index your website a lot faster and that’s the only way they can crawl your content. So now my video is optimized for that keyword term. My title of my blog is optimized. Throughout the whole article, I have that keyword term and then not only that but the other technique I want to share with you guys is also take that transcription and paste it into the description into the YouTube channel so it gets indexed faster also. It’s a lot easier for you to come up for these terms. OK?

So if you do not have a transcriber, I do have one available for you. Her name is Laurel Lopez. She’s actually a personal training client of mine and I went to high school with her so she’s extremely fast. She does all my transcriptions. We do about five, six videos per week. I give her these six videos. She gets the transcriptions to me within 48 to 24 hours. They pass Copyscape so it’s pretty easy. You don’t need to use my resource. You can find someone on oDesk or Guru.com but these are my personal people that I use. If you can’t read it, I’m just going to spell it for you. It’s L-A-U-R-A-E-L-E-N-A-S-J at Gmail.com. Again that’s LauraElenaSJ@Gmail.com.

Again, it just makes life a lot easier for us just because we’re all training clients. We don’t have time to write these things out. Video, you could do a two, three-minute video on any keyword term you want. You just have to make sure that you save those keywords throughout the video so whoever transcribes it will automatically add those keywords into the article and that is it you guys. I hope that helped you guys out a lot. I’m just going to throw up my resources again. This is my transcriber Laura Elena and this is my article writer Elaine Maxwell.

So I hope you guys found that very useful. If you guys have any questions, please leave your comments at the bottom and this is Christian from SuperTrainer.com and I’m out.


Christian “Hurricane” Aguirre
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