Too often I see trainers setup a business system thinking it’s on auto pilot and they forget about it. You’re losing money on very low hanging fruit that would take minutes to correct. Find out how to capitalize on these system tweaks with this video.


What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Zach Marcy here in sunny Florida giving you guys a blog post or a v-blog for Super-Trainer. I have actually sat down to write this one out about four different times and I finally came to the conclusion I’m going to get everything I need out on video a lot faster than if I was trying to write it.


So you guys expect me to start doing more v-blogs. I’m here today to talk to you about your business systems but tweaking your business systems and making sure that they’re ideal. So many times, a lot of people will just take a business system. They will get it done. They will kind of set it and forget it. Well, I’m a really detailed numbers guy. A lot of people who know me don’t even really know that about me but I drive my business partner nuts trying to tweak ways that we can maximize profit off of each individual person and do it through different methods that aren’t like invading, like doing a massive amount of upsell and things like that.


I’m going to talk generally and then I’m going to give you guys a specific example of making sure that you’re tweaking your business systems. Well, we’re also known here at Synergize – my business partner and I are known for making sure that we know what everybody else is doing in the industry but doing our own flavor of it because we know what works for us.


Ultimately we figured out with a lot of money and a lot of time that nobody can tell us how to do our business better than we know how to do our business and we do like getting everybody’s opinion on how they’re running their business, figuring out what we can take from them and then tweaking those systems to better fit exactly our niche in how we flow in our business.


One of the things that I’m really impressed with recently is that my business partner and I have started niching even the way he and I run our business individually. Like, he’s taking a different niche. I take a different niche. I’m more of a strength coach at training really hardcore people for sports or for like occupation professions like fire fighters, police officers, stuff like that and he works a lot with the strong, enlightened female in this world that is looking to elevate themselves above the world of man.


Those messages have really started to resound where his system for bringing people in versus my system for bringing people in is extremely different but we have a couple of fishing poles in place that had we just set it and forget it, we would be unhappy trying to close and sell and trying to train these people as either individuals or in a semiprivate group.


So I’m talking really high level, really meta level here. Basically I’m here to say that just because you have a business system and just excuse you have a guru or something that you bought or it’s done and not perfect doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak it to make it better. I’m not talking about perfection here but what I am talking about is don’t just set things and forget it because that’s going to do a very big detrimental service to you and your clients, your potential clients or even your current clients that could be getting a better experience or could be missing out on the opportunity to train with you because you’re such a bad ass trainer, bringing in enough people that are getting to your niche message and you’re doing the world a disservice by not giving them the opportunity to train with you.


Enough of the high level non-specific stuff out of the way. I’m going to talk individually and specifically about something that we’ve done recently and then you can start looking at your business systems and start figuring out how you can start better messaging and tailoring all of your marketing and your sales scripts and things like that towards your own individual niche.


We recently rebranded ourselves. We have been a life transformation center or taking a life coaching approach from – I mean my very first company that I developed back in 2001, it was named Body Labs. We did two things. We did sports-specific training and I did life coaching. A lot of my influence came from Body for Life, Bill Philips’ Body for Life, but also it came from my degree in psychology and my background with doing a lot of like motivational speaking, speak and persuade, various things like that all throughout college and then into my professional career immediately after college.


So we take a really practical approach to getting people’s minds right and then having them succeed not just in the gym but in the real world too in the concrete jungle. So we’ve really started capitalizing on a niche because there’s nobody else around us, not even close and even when we do it, there’s not really many people in the world that do it the same way. There are some very good life-coaching approaches. In fact my girls Kerry and Alicia, especially Kerry [0:05:57] [Indiscernible] are really good at taking a life-coaching approach into their training but they don’t have it the same way that we do it and we know how special our program is but what we haven’t been doing is telling people and branding ourselves with that.


So now we’ve renamed our personal training program or our actual program in here from being Synergize Fitness to being Synergize Transformation Center and yeah, there are a lot of transformation places out there but they don’t do it the way that we do it and we’re really capitalizing on that strength and what we’ve done is we’ve rebranded our mission. We’re getting the word out there through other people. We started looking at the way that our systems and our marketing are branded and we’ve gotten away from just the typical type of before and after transformation and really start talking to people about empowering themselves and becoming strong through their entire life.


That’s still kind of high level without example but one of the ways we’ve managed to really capitalize on this is through a Groupon system that we had set up or a deal with a system we have set up.


I talk with my buddy online though pretty often at least once or twice a month and he originally came up with a program that capitalized on deal of the day. Well, we’ve taken that and put our own spin on it the way that we fit.


We set an orientation and we deliver a message to people and tell them they either can agree to commit, pass this or they can leave and we will give them their money back or sign a check right then and there and give them their money back and let them walk out. But what we’ve done is we’re sort of prequalifying people that come in and we don’t want any tire-kickers.


We want people who are going to be committed and do our program and before, what we were doing is just kind of delivering our message out there and hoping that it stuck and fortunately we were getting about a 60 percent sign up rate but we’ve been using smaller [0:08:16] [Indiscernible] websites more catered toward Miami and this is the first time we’ve done such a big one for Groupon and we knew that we needed to get our pitch redone a little bit more exact towards what we’re doing now. So what we did is we looked over our system and we put into place where there’s a scarcity tactic that we’re using now.


Now mind you, guys, I’m giving you a specific example of one business system that we use to tweak towards our goal of knowing all of our systems are fine-tuned. You need to do this with all of your systems, your sales scripts, your onboarding process of new clients, everything like that. This is just to stimulate thought.


So getting back to it, what we did is we really fine-tuned this message and we’ve limited the amount of people that are in our orientations. I know a lot of people that are really good and really successful with the deal [Indiscernible] websites don’t like doing group settings. Well, what we’ve found with a lot of our tweaking and our script is that the way we get group think and people agreeing to be committed in themselves – nobody in a group setting is going to say, “Hey, I’m not committed to getting results. I’m not committed to myself.” We get that locked-in focus where people understand they’ve been doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.


So we immediately set ourselves apart by saying, “Hey, you know what? Today is your new birthday. You’re going to do something very different. Today you’re going to get committed. You’re going to say it out loud,” et cetera, but essentially what we’ve done is we have locked people into a script that we fine-tuned over the last three years and now it gets our message about being a transformation center out there and talks to the heart of people that are coming in and saying, “Hey, you know what? If you’re ready to make a transformation in your life, come on in. Put your credit card down.” But you’re committed because we don’t just take just anybody and we start playing the scarcity game too. This trial is just as much a trial of making sure that you fit into our energy of our program as much as it is seen if you want to stay on board here but we only take committed people.


So if you’re not committed, I want you to walk out of that door right now. If you are committed, guess what, stay in here. Let’s get this locked in. Just to kind of sum things up, what we’ve done is we’ve taken a bunch of our business systems like that and really fine-tuned it. Currently, this program that before we were having about a 60 percent – it was about 60 percent sign up rate of leaving their credit card. This time around we’ve sold 150. I would say it’s about 98 percent people leaving their credit card.


Our stay-on rate after the one-month deal was usually around 34, 35 percent, right around there and I have [0:11:56] [Indiscernible] I will give you guys an update. I was thinking [Indiscernible] it’s going to be around a 60 percent rate but we took something that was working really, really well and we fine-tuned it around our niche, what we believe and what we stand for and we didn’t just set it and forget it but we really honed in on it.


I challenge you guys today to start looking at your business systems and figuring out ways that you can start fine-tuning your programs and get them better. Usually the lowest-hanging fruit is your sales script. Is your pitch in line with your mission statement? Is your pitch talking to the individual that is your ideal avatar that you want to train? If it’s not and if you’re just bringing in Sally Jones that doesn’t want to push and you’re somebody that likes a hardcore client, it’s time to really start getting that message out there.


Is your marketing talking to your ideal avatar? Is it talking to people that are going to wind up being your lifetime client? Because personally that’s the way we wind up selling people is knowing that they’re going to wind up being clients of ours for the rest of our lives because in my mind and in my business partner’s mind, in everyone of my trainers’ minds, we know that once a person signs up here, they’re a lifetime client.


Start looking at your systems and seeing whether or not that message is carried across and true. If you do an ecology check across all of your systems and you make that five percent, ten percent adjustment, it’s going to be more in line with what you stand for and what you represent in your sales copy, your marketing copy, even your sales scripts, even how your trainers are presenting themselves when they do a fitness orientation or they do that first training session or fitness assessment with people.


Guys, it literally can be three or four [0:14:05] [Indiscernible] that they are staying or they’re not staying that can make all the difference in the world. Fine-tune your systems, guys. Don’t just set it and forget it.


This is Zach Marcy. You guys need anything, let me know. You can hit me up at Guys, live your passion and your purpose and get locked in to those clients and above anything else, make sure that your training is kick-ass. Don’t just create these systems. Stick them into a cracked program. Actually, you know what? I’m going to be really blunt here. Don’t stick them into a shitty program and expect them to stay. Don’t think that you’re just going to set all these programs in, stick them into a program and think that, “OK. You know what? I’m just going to herd in the next group of people as soon as these people fall off.”


Let’s keep people, keep people. Go and write it down. It’s the least expensive thing that you can do is keep your current clients. Catch you on the other side, guys.