I’m reminded of that every morning I walk outside to get the newspaper and look around to a world of no distractions, no hustle and bustle, and no interruptions.  I know there are a lot of trainers that cringe when I say that, and the point of this article is not about getting up early, it’s about finding YOUR OWN 4:00 AM.  You see, that’s the time of day when I’m at my peak as far as productivity goes.  It’s when I write most of my articles do strategic planning and get things done.  And, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, getting things done?

When are you at your peak?  What time of day do you do your best work?  When can you GET THINGS DONE?  Figure out what works best for you and block out those times to work on your business.

I also block off Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  That is the best time for me to catch up on meetings, phone calls, e-mails, blogs, and anything to do with people, because they are up and about.  Those afternoons are time I can wrap up projects, begin new projects, find answers, discover new things, meet new people, and work on what I need to work on.


We have all been given 24 hours each day.  We all have the power to choose how we use those hours.  I have taken my hopes and dreams, and set them to paper as goals, with a plan of action and a timeline.  I have found the time, and made the time to pursue and achieve them.  I hold myself accountable first to myself, and then to all the people who will be positively affected by those completed goals.


My 4:00 A.M. helps me be proactive, manage my time, get more accomplished, and spend more time with my family and friends.  It helps me reduce stress.  By the time the rest of the world is awake and just getting moving, I have things checked off my list for the day. I have a renewed sense of purpose. I have more time available later to go have lunch with my family, or to fit in something that may unexpectedly occur that I want to deal with.  I have a clear brain to focus on my training sessions, on my meetings, and all my activities throughout the day.  The most important thing my 4:00 A.M. gives me is the ability to work ON my business, not IN my business.


I wouldn’t trade my 4:00 A.M. for anything.  That time I spend has been an investment in me, my business, and my future.  It has been the door to many windows of opportunity, the key to my productivity, and the foundation of my entrepreneurial lifestyle.  The consistency of my 4:00 A.M. uninterrupted time, my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and my nightly planning of the next day’s activities, all help keep me on track without losing time, without hesitating, without doubt.


When is your 4:00 A.M.?  The time when you are thinking clearly and quickly?  The time when you can have an hour of uninterrupted time to yourself to accomplish some of the important tasks on your list, in your goals, your plans?  The best investment you can make in yourself is to allow yourself that time.  Find it.  Make it.  Your larger, bolder future is depending on it.



Greg Justice, MA