Whats up Super-Trainers? It’s your boy Krebsi in the hooouuuuuussssseeeeee!

Hope you are all growing your businesses and crushing life.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share a few things that have been working for me on Facebook to bring new leads into my business, Next Level Athletic Performance Inc.

First off, I want to remind you kids that my business is located in Marcy, NY which is a suburb of Utica, NY. Utica was voted by forbes in 2011 as one of the top ten worst places to own a business in the U.S. Pretty awesome huh?!

So if this stuff can work for me, then it sure as hell will work for you!

I went from moving back into my Dads basement, to running a multiple six figure a year training facility. So basically I went from Ashy to Classy (Had to throw a NOTORIOUS shout out in there).

Enough of that shit, lets get to the tips:

Meme’s are those sweet little pictures that you can upload and add text. All you have to do is go to the site, choose “create meme”, go to upload custom image, and then add the text. Last step is just uploading it to Facebook!

This is one we used for our coaching page, The Pack Fitness Business.

What does it do? It increases your Facebook weekly total reach!

As you can see, mine went up almost 100%!

Weekly Total Reach?

13,984 98.86%


If you don’t have a private FB page for your members, do that shit right now!! It’s an easy way to over deliver, show appreciation, answer questions, and keep people engaged.

This is the exact post I put up in my membership group

Pop Quiz Hot shots:

Answer the following 3 questions, the best answer gets their choice of a Next Level T-shirt, and a personal training session.

1) What specific results have you gotten at <your gym here>

2) What do you love about <your gym here> and what makes us different?

3) Can you tell us a major obstacle you have overcome to join/ stay at <your gym here>

We got over 35 testimonials, each one was a “book” of things we can use for marketing in the near future.

I do things like this on a regular basis, especially ask them what can we do to help them and improve their experience. Gives them ownership and builds a family within your facility.


Just the other day I did the meme below: We are still tallying up how many new leads we got from this. Moral of the story, keep it simple and have a strategy for everything you do.

Don’t F around on Facebook all day. As a matter of fact, have your assistant do this shit!

Hope these little FB Ninja tips helped you Super-Trainers out!

Krebsi Out!

Steve Krebs