Facebook, it is the most popular social networking site in the industry with over 600 million people and is still growing. About a year and a half ago Facebook offered an advertising platform which is surpassing many of its competitors. The fitness business is just as competitive and you need to be doing everything you can to surpass your competition. Advertising on Facebook (at the moment) is still an inexpensive way to gain business. Your goal should be to obtain as many leads and sales for as little ($$$) as possible.


Here are some tips to help you get started:


This is the easiest way to get your name and business flowing to current and potential customers. A page is different than a profile in that it comes pre-installed with a custom functionality designed for each category, is not subject to a fan limit, and can automatically accept fan requests. Fan Pages generate “likes” which generates more leads and potential sales. When a user “likes” your page it automatically appears on their profile (this increases traffic).


Next are key steps to actual Facebook Ads:


Most people use Facebook as a social network. They create profiles and then keep in touch with family and friends. YOU as a fitness professional need to know these profiles. Know what your customers are interested in because that is exactly what you will use to target your ads. You can choose your audience using different factors, such as: location, age, or interests.


You must know what a client is worth in order to figure out what you can spend on advertising. Facebook advertising is about 25% of the cost of Google (this is why you need to jump on it). Facebook allows you to set a daily budget and maximum advertising budget per ad so knowing what your client is worth is vital.


The most popular conversion point for Facebook ads is the picture. Pictures have accounted for approximately 65% of the response rate. I recommend purchasing several pictures in advance and have them ready to rotate. Choose bright, catchy pictures that are relevant to your fan page (fitness business).


You have to monitor your ads. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on something that’s not working. Monitor your daily fan growth, CTR’s (click through rate), leads and cost per click.

Remember the idea is to get as many leads for as little as possible.


Facebook allows you to inquire about more than money you have spent. You can see who is clicking your ads, which means you get a deeper understanding of your prospects thus allowing you to change the ads to reach your target audience.


Personal stories on your fan page are a great way to connect with your current customers and have them “like” and share your page with their friends. Share stories about your current customer’s success; anything that relates to your gym, your trainers, and your customers. Friends purchase similar products and when your page is shared ultimately your cost is less. Your goal should be to get fans and leads at the same time because your money will go twice as far.


And here is the last piece of advice:


I think I’ve said it three times already. You want to gain as many leads for as little as possible and weekend traffic on Facebook will cost you more. Weekend traffic is 10 times more expensive than traffic Monday through Friday. The cost per click isn’t more money, the traffic just doesn’t convert. Advice – turn off advertising for the weekend.


This is some of the best Facebook tips I can give you without writing a book.