It’s about time someone put a stop to the madness. I’m talking about recall of 3,000,000 fitness balls.

The truth is, this piece of “equipment” can be extremely dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.  It doesn’t take a CSCS to tell you that anything involving a barbell, one or more 45 plates, and a stability ball is probably not a good idea.


Thanks to BiasTraining from the Super-Trainer personal training forum for this picture – and here are some of the responses:

“look at the serious looks on their faces…wow…prolly due to the fact that if the dude even did so much as farted, he’d crumple underneath the bar, twist his right ankle, screw up his knee, and jack up his back…LOL!”


“Somebody has some serious photoshopping skills. There is no way that actually happened. I mean did it?”



Wow.  Maybe we should hunt this personal trainer down for a guest interview so we can ask try and see what’s going through his head ..  Because apparently, there are actual products being sold dedicated to Swiss Ball Training.

Now that’s a $79.95 well spent!

I don’t know a whole lot about the CHEK Institute or what they teach over there.. I’ve heard plenty of good things about them. All I know is it’s time to put our time and energy into creating products that will actually benefit trainers and, of course, the clients who will actually performing the exercises.

Here’s another example of some questionable judgment by them:

[youtube BEvmmflj49E nolink]

But in all fairness, Paul Chek isn’t the only one to blame – there have had some serious lapses in judgment on this site as well:

[youtube p6sCZpZdaa8 nolink]

If you’re planning your own fitness info product NOT related to swiss ball training, there’s an event THIS WEEKEND that you don’t want to miss.

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It’s getting close to the deadline, but there’s still time.

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post.. With the type of stuff I see every night at the gym, it’s nice to able to rant about it a little bit.   I haven’t seen anything quite as bad as picture above in person before, though very close!

If you haven’t thrown in your two cents yet, you’ll want to head over to the Super-Trainer Forum and let your voice be heard.  There is a unique and very tight-knit community being developed on there of trainers committed to reaching a wide audience with quality fitness products and services.  There are lots of Top-Level trainers sharing knowledge and helping each other out.

But if you’re a swissball-barbell-squat type of trainer, maybe our forum isn’t the right one for you.. Haha!