watch this video

All right, Sam. So here’s the video of my facility just to take a look. So as we walk in, we have the front desk area here. Refrigerator drinks. Slideshow on the TV of a program or pictures with our clients having a blast, a full wall of before and afters, social proof. We got the one pound and five pounds of fat. Gift cards with referral right here.

Then we walk in, we get our team here, all our team members, our description and what we’re about, our personalities so they get a feel of everyone in the company. Here is our semi-private room. We have some stuff here on the floor. This is the point we just started so we barely fix this room.

The hallway right here, we got the restrooms, water fountains. Right here, the birthdays for the week, challenge we have going on. We’re going to get our girls to go do the Dirty Girl 5k. Just some frames right here, motivational stuff.

And right here, we go back to bootcamp. This is where the party takes place. So, we have the suspended station here, Swiss Balls, balls to balls equipment. We have a lot of – for our bootcamp, I see we have a lot of equipments so we keep our workouts fresh.

We even have banners on the ceilings for when they’re like lying down doing stuff on the floor. There’s one, there’s the other one. They get that motivation here from up there.

Form right here, every now and then, we have a form workshops so this is like the basic moves we go over. We teach them how to prevent injuries and get the most effective workout. Dumbbells, ropes, ladders, sliders, sand bags, ropes, a little bit of everything.

Then we have the boards. We have the workouts there. And then we have another – our main board back here is where we have like announcements, what’s going on, when we congratulate someone for hitting a milestone or referral, stuff like that. And that’s pretty much it.