When it comes to business, having a thick skin is important. Being able to brush things off, and sometimes not giving a shit is a good thing.

It allows you focus on the big levers that will push your business forward and not worry about the little things.

And one of the best at kicking butt, and not letting the little things get to him is the Honey Badger himself, Jonas Deffes. And in this interview Jonas dives into how he has been able to run his business successfully.

He even goes into why he branded himself as the “Honey Badger.” Which is pretty interesting.

So take a look at what he has to say in this interview…

[youtube uIIb5Ols4W8]

Interview Highlights

  • How Jonas got started in the industry and what happened to his first business.
  • What a typical day is like for Jonas.
  • What type of systems Jonas has in place with is business.
  • Why he was forced into systems.
  • What is his hiring process like.
  • How he determined how much to pay his trainers.
  • How he handles firing and letting go of trainers.
  • Why he decided to brand himself as the “honey badger.”
  • Why branding is important.
  • Why he is getting into business coaching.
  • How Jonas got into the Financial Times (A big publication in London)
  • What makes his business stand out from the competition.
  • What has been his best business purchase.
  • What his biggest piece of business advice is.

Erik “The Interview Guy” Rokeach is a fitness entrepreneur and owner of www.fitnessbusinessinterviews.com. His goal is to help the fitness industry grow by sharing top quality information from other fit pros about how they build their fitness business.