Dan Go, the fat loss ninja is crushing it with his fitness business right now.

He’s doing so well, that he’s planned a long vacation for himself. And he has set things up so that when he is away the business will run itself, and he will continue to make money.

In this interview Dan gives some amazing tips on how he runs his business so that it will run on autopilot.

[youtube iBC1ZPUYHQ4]

Interview Highlights

    • How he got into the fitness industry.
    • What the pomodoro technique is.
    • How long he has been in business.
    • How he get his business to stand out from everyone else.
    • How Dan sets up his business to serve his lifestyle and not the other way around.
    • What he’s automated in his business to live the lifestyle he wants.
    • What he is doing each month to increase his business.
    • What a P.I.F is and why Dan thinks it is the future of boot camps and personal training.
    • What has been his best business purchase.
    • Why it’s important to have someone do your SEO for you.
    • How you get someone to do SEO for you If your just starting out or have no money.
    • What his biggest piece of advice is for fitness entrepreneurs.


Erik “The Interview Guy” Rokeach is a fitness entrepreneur and owner of www.fitnessbusinessinterviews.com. His goal is to help the fitness industry grow by sharing top quality information from other fit pros about how they build their fitness business.