Everyone needs a little down-time. Yet, a relaxing evening watching television can also be an opportunity for learning if you watch one of the following must-watch TV shows for entrepreneurs…
Learn how ordinary people made their millions starting with a simple idea. You’ll see stories about brands like Burt’s Bees, Jelly Belly, P90X and Nerf, as well as a few brands you’ve never heard of before.
This Bloomberg TV reality show shows you the grueling process of building a fledgling business from the ground up. Mentors from Google, Microsoft, Twitter and others guide the entrepreneurs each step of the way. In the end, only one pitch can win the million dollar prize from investors.
This online TV show features interviews with tech startup owners, angel investors and CEOs. Host Jason Calacanis is very opinionated, but the hour-long show will help you to think more like a CEO.
NBC’s The Office is a funny show that will provide you with a little comic relief from its colorful characters, which you might really need after a long day at work. Maybe you’ll even recognize some of the archetypes in your own workplace.
Check out Hulu.com to watch re-runs of Donald Trump challenges. You’ll learn about running a high stakes business, decision making and leadership. There are even episodes where celebrities like Lou Ferrigno and Cheryl Tiegs compete to win money for charity.
This ABC show features interviews with over 288 business professionals, with each show focusing on a strategic lesson. Past episodes include: How To Make Others Feel Like Champions, How To Buy Traffic Really Cheap, How Does A 28-Year-Old Guy Become The Authority On Fitness For Moms, and Is It Possible To Make Six-Figures Creating E-Books On Amazon.
This web show features full-length interviews with entrepreneurs from wildly successful companies like Wikipedia, Digg, JibJab and Groupon. The focus is on the processes, strategies and tactics that led to greater profitability.
This ABC Show takes you into the mindset of cutthroat early stage investors. Watch the drama unfold as entrepreneurs pitch to investors. You’re bound to pick up good ideas on how equity deals work and what investors are looking for in a sales pitch.
You can watch a couple old episodes of this show on Hulu. Donny Deutsch founded one of the top advertising agencies and his show offers a “Toolkit to Success” to help aspiring entrepreneurs improve their business models.
This HBO series produced by Mark Wahlberg will entertain you with a cast of characters that are hungry to start their own fashion line amid the hustle and bustle of New York City. You’ll see why New York is the most daunting city to make a name for yourself.

See? TV doesn’t have to be a total waste if you’re learning something.