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Copy of SixFigureFormula_logoThis is the report that pulls back the curtain and shows you what the Personal Training Industry is really about:

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  • The types of clients that bring in the MOST MONEY
  • Why Personal Training is the coolest job on earth (but ONLY if you do it right!)
  • What success in training REALLY means
  • Why most trainers have been lied to and completely exploited


ear friend and fellow trainer;

I’m Kaiser, the creator of the Super-Trainer Blog and Community, and I’ve got something to share with you …

I’ve been through and done everything in the training industry, and you know what I’ve found out?

Training is completely different from any other career in existence, and the path to success is actually the path of least resistance.

That means making it in training is a lot easier and simpler than you’ve been led to believe. That’s what we prove through the articles and interviews on Super-Trainer, but right now I’ve gone a step further.

I’ve condensed all of this hard-hitting info and put it into one groundbreaking special report…

You’ll learn my blood and guts story of how I cut through all the hype and B.S. in this business to get to the truth: how the top trainers were crafting outstanding livings and amazing lifestyles.

After everything I’ve been through, I couldn’t just sit back here and watch other fellow trainers continue to get shafted and run in circles. That’s why I’ve detailed it all in this FREE SPECIAL REPORT.

Here’s what some of the top independent trainers in the country are saying about Super-Trainer and THE SIX-FIGURE FORMULA:


Evan ChackerEvan Chacker – Owner and founder of American Fitness Institute (www.aficertified.com) – One of the most widely recognized and rapidly growing Personal Training Certifications:

“Kaiser – In the THE SIX-FIGURE FORMULA, you explained why a trainer’s ultimate goal should not be to open a studio, I agree with you 100%. I often consult extremely successful fitness pros who aspire to open a full service health club or studio, and if they can put their egos aside, they more often than not see that they are already successful with no risk or liability. It was refreshing to see a similar message in someone else’s words.

Independent trainers can make $100k a year in training easily, without the overhead and unnecessary risks involved in opening a studio or club; this is what AFI teaches and we practice what we preach. I’ve always been impressed with your dedication to adding another honest voice to the personal training industry, keep up the good fight!”


Personal Trainer Doug MurphyDoug Murphy – Nationally recognized Personal Trainer based out of Washington DC (www.DougMurphy.com)

“Wish I could have read something like THE SIX-FIGURE FORMULA years ago (would’ve saved me a lot of time)!

Working for someone else is a dead end. I came to the realization years ago that I would never be truly happy and successful unless I struck out on my own. I wanted total control of my future and career, so that if I succeeded or failed, it was due to my actions and decisions, not those of inept management types above me that I had no control over.

When you can do something you truly love and have a passion for, there’s no limit on what you can achieve. I really like your point that the people you work with are exceptional. Through my independent training business, I have met people from all over the world and all kinds of occupations. I’ve learned so much from my clients about their respective fields, and broadened my knowledge and understanding of different cultures, religions, political points of view, and so many other areas. Not to mention getting invited to some great parties and social events! I can’t think of any other career where I would be exposed to such a variety of people and ideas, and actually learn as much from my clients as they do from me.”


Personal Trainer Rivak HoffmanRivak Hoffman – Owner and head trainer of Somagensis Personal Training Company in San Diego, California (www.somagenesis.com)

“The key to making $ and becoming a good trainer is staring you in the freakin’ face. This report is a unique and innovative tool for fast growth! I have been in the industry forever and make a big 6 figure salary.  I have learned by trial and error, and reading reading reading!

Consider your self lucky, as a a good business manager would charge your thousands of $ for less quality advice than Kaiser is rendering here. He knows his sh#t inside and out!”


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The SIX-FIGURE FORMULA is a down-loadable e-book that will be available to you immediately after purchase.  It comes with an unconditional 365 day money-back guarantee.





Cynthia Conde, author of Bridal Bootcamp, star of Bridal Bootcamp reality TV show, developer of Bridal Bootcamp Training Program

“The SIX-FIGURE FORMULA is such an amazing information resource for personal trainers of all levels. I am proud to say that I personally know Kaiser, the founder and creator. Keeping up to date with the latest fitness trends is the best way to build up your client base and resume. Kaiser – looking forward to brainstorming with you for my next project!”


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