Erick Salgado here and I want to share with you a technique I use often to promote my site,

I have used a very effective technique that has driven plenty of traffic to my business and you can too. Referral programs are commonly used to gain new clients without spending additional money on advertising. Many businesses offer a reward to members for referring business to them. However, I would like to show you how to get your members to refer business to you with very little work on your end and best of all, it will generate income for you automatically.


On your business’s website created a featured members section. This section will showcase interviews with members who have made great progress. The interview questions will be standard questions that you would like to ask each of your members.

These questions allow the featured member to share helpful information with viewer while motivated them to get in shape (i.e. Sign up). The interview can be emailed, thus reducing the amount of work on your end and pictures and video can be added to make the interview more appealing.

Here is why these interviews work so well at bringing in new business…People Love to Talk About Themselves! You have just created a great reason for people to refer business to you because they will gain attention for doing so.

Before long your featured members will be asking family and friends to check out their interview on your website. Other member will become motivated to get in great shape so they can be featured and you will build a reputation for getting your clients results. Lets also not forget that these Featured Member’s Interviews will pop up on search engines. All you have to do is send the interview questions, post the interview on your website and watch as your featured member raves about your business and their new interview.

I use this method often for my web based business,, but you can use it to drive traffic to your boot camp or training studio. I have seen 300 additional view a day as a result of posting a new interview.

Depending on your business, you can direct the viewers to different products such as affiliate products, online services or prompt them to sign up for your training. Now that the viewer has read about your featured member and how they got great results, they are highly motivated and more likely to buy. Let your members do the talking for you with Featured Members Interview.


Erick “The ab pro” Salgado