This is something that I struggled with for years.

Until recently I myself struggled with this.

What is it you ask?

Here it goes….workout_big

“To Workout or Not Workout At My Own Facility That is The Question”

From a time management stand point it should be an easy choice.

Why drive to a different gym to workout when you are already at your own facility?

Let me first ask you a couple of questions….

1) Did you know that 90% of home exercise equipment become expensive clothes hanger after
only six weeks?

2) Did you know people who go to the office are much more productive than people who do the same work from home?

Why do you think that is?

The answer is simple. THE ENVIRONMENT.

We are naturally more productive in certain environments.

I am a big advocate of keeping “different environments” for different activities.

This has helped my productivity (and peace of mind) tremendously.

Here is what I mean…

I don’t take my work home and neither do I workout at home (home is family time)

I don’t workout at work (too many interruptions) because my mind is on work and not on my workout.

When I am at work. I am work mode.

Now wait a minute Sam…..

I have seen you workout many times at your facility. Are you lying to me?

OK, you caught me…

Let me clarify what I mean by workout.

My serious workouts are done at a different gym (24 hour fitness) at 4am. I am not working, no one knows me there so I can concentrate on my workout.

Every once in a while I do what I call a PR (public relation) workout at my own facility.

PR workout is my way to be available on the floor, mingle and catch up with my fitness family.

The PR workout is not a serious workout. It’s an “active rest” workout. So interruptions and breaks are OK.

So once again let me answer the question “Do you workout in your facility”

For me it’s “YES” and “NO”.

No when I am training seriously. (don’t want to be interrupted)

Yes when I work it as part of my “active rest” PR (public relation) relationship building.

Don’t have an attitude with your clients for interrupting you while you’re working out at your facility. And please get rid of the head phones.

You’re there to serve your clients. Never lose the sight of that.


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