“Fear creates its own self-fulfilling dynamic-as people give in to it, they lose energy and momentum. Their lack of confidence translates into inaction that lowers confidence levels even further, on and on.”

This quote from the book the “50th Law” is a perfect example of what happens to most people in life and business.

Fear is our natural reaction to danger. But honestly, at this point in world history, how much physical danger are we actually in?

Fear paralyzes people from fulfilling their potential, from being themselves, from being successful.

In today’s society fear has manifested itself as anxiety, depression, and feeling helpless. I believe that these three feelings are all a byproduct of a severe lack of control. Fear is stopping most people from taking control of their lives.


It’s time to take control……

“The 50th Law states that there is one thing we can control— the mind-set with which we respond to these events around us. And if we are able to overcome our anxieties and forge a fearless attitude towards life, something strange and remarkable can occur—that margin of control over circumstances increases.”

There was a time in my life where I was depressed, anxious, and unhappy. It was directly related to the lack of control I had in my life. I was living reactively, allowing external factors to effect my happiness. The minute I TOOK CONTROL my life changed. I was happy, I made more money, I surrounded myself with like minded people, and rid my life of negativity. I rejected fear.

“The Greatest fear people have is that of being themselves. They do what everyone else does even if it doesn’t fit where and who they are.”

One of the most important questions I have heard lately came from two friends I have the upmost respect for in the fitness industry,  Dax Moy and Rocco Costellano.

Most people can’t answer this. The majority will answer with what they DO, or who they are to others. Take the time to sit down and actually think about WHO YOU ARE!

I am Steve Krebs, I use humor and sincerity to help others realize their greatness. I am a family man, my family is my life and my motivation. I am a bringer of light. I am a motivator, a loyal friend, and a good man. I am Steve Krebs.  (That is a condensed version, but you get the idea.)

Knowing who you are, will help you know what you stand for, and where you are headed. Your life needs direction. Your business needs direction. Your clients need direction. Without a solid plan and goals you are just treading water.



Steve Krebs
The Funniest Man in Fitness