What’s up Super trainers,

JB here,

I hope all of you are kickin ass in your business , and if your not , just pay attention to this blog for a bit and you will be. I want to talk to you guys about some shit that is common sense to me but seems as some others don’t get it.
I just got off the phone with a trainer who I coach ( won’t make him famous by saying his name ) but he was telling me how 3 months ago he had such an awesome month in his boot camp business that he was running across town but some F&*ing reason his clients were not staying more than a few months.

So my question to him was,”Does your training suck”?. He swears he has kick ass training methods and his boot camps rocks. ..OK so what’s the problem?

“What kind of retention programs do you have in place for your clients? And how do u make them coming back and wanting to get more of your bootcamp classes ?”

well I dunno, I tell them thank you and hi fives and stuff “ was his reply.

WTF !!!

I don’t care what you think about YOURSELF and your boot camp, If you don’t give a shit about your clients you will fail, and you can’t just know in your head that you give a shit, you have to make it clear to your clients that without a shadow of a doubt that you appreciate everyone of them and everything they do.

Im not going to bore the hell out of you with simple common sense or repetitive bullshit, Im just gonna show you one small way I show my clients How much I appreciate them, which in turn has my retention level to about 92% .

I have a system in place where my clients can earn “points” or “stars” for doing something I want them to do.
Create a list of things you want your clients to do and then give them a value, for an example list,
*come to class at least 3 days a week
*bring their protein shakes to class so they can drink them up as they stretch or immediately after class
*Make Face book posts on your fan page and their wall
* writing down in their food journals
* Referrals
* Google review
*yelp reviews

Things like that, we will have similar stuff but you may have shit you want done that someone else doesn’t so just be creative.

Now add a value to each one of these. For example if one of my clients signs in at least 3 times a week they get a point or star. If they do a review, since this is typically a onetime thing ,they get 5 points for that and 5 points for referrals .

Hope this is clear, so now we have a list of things ( dont make this list crazy, just a few important things) and a value for each one.

Here is where it gets fun baby! Now figure out what you want to give away when people reach a certain number of points. These should be little gifts or apparel that will help you MARKET your business as well.

Your goal here is to be giving your clients little things every 6-8 weeks. So after you figure out what it is you want to have them do, then you add a point value to it, Figure out about how many average points they will have between 6-8 weeks and make that tier 1.

This first gift should be something like a T-shirt with your company on it, or a wristband, or something small like that. Then as they gain more points they are going to be getting even better prizes because now they have been coming to your boot camp longer , getting great results, working towards the next prize all while your showing how much you care by rewarding them. Keep these prizes inexpensive so u can get them in large quantities

This system once in place and properly run is fu&%in badass! I promise you your clients will have a new energy in the building and you will start seeing more referrals and harder working Peeps.

Hope this helped and go implement this shit!

Justin Blum

p.s. Put big boards in your building with peoples name on them and their point count, this will help those slackers out a bit. They don’t want to be the only one there without any points or cool giveaways . If you are outside running camps make it a point right as class is ending to bring special attention to the people that are earning points and give their prize to them in class .