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What’s up you crazy kid Zach Even-Esh here, UndergroundBizJournal.com. I do this videos rarely. I do them when something strikes me and I’ve got a lot of passion for it. So I want to tell you I guess two things, One is about customer service on showing you care. I don’t even like to say customer service because it just sounds horrible. Caring, when you talk about that and I want to talk about influence and inspirations so we’re going to wrap through this into one and this video will be up on Super-trainer my boy 7 Figure Sam and depending on how fast you gets it up and all depends on this catabolic. Catabolic Sam. Anyway, I just shop at North shore getting clothes ready for an upcoming vacation my wife insisted that I go out and she just insisted that I go out and get clothes so I would rather do other things than shop for clothes. But anyway, did it, bought lot of clothes and had real nice person helping us out in the Men’s department then I go over to the Men’s shoe department in this particular mall inside North shore. North shore is known for how they care about people, take care of you and have give you lot of attention and really just to make your shopping experience easy, fun and enjoyable. And when they do that, that is when allows them to have high prices so it allows them to sell a colored short sleeves shirt for a hundred dollars I never understand that but that’s how it works. So I go to Men’s shoe department. I’m there, there are three people there, nobody says “Hi” to me. I’m in that section for 10 minutes minimum. None of them says “hi”, one guy I see knows his head down doing who knows what the other guy is like arranging shoes, nobody says “Hi” nobody comes over to assist “How you’re doing?”, “Is there anything I can help you with?”, “Do you have any questions or looking for anything in particular?”, nothing.

Now being a business owner, you know I’m there to get, first I’m there to get shoes but everything you do as business owners like your mind always turns some there for a minute or two minutes and start to say to myself let me see  how long it takes for somebody to say hello to me and I always say myself in North shore, do they not pay attention to you when you wear a T-Shirt, do they pay a better attention to you when you wear suit tied and the answer is yes. I’ve gone into North shore wearing a suit but not tying. Let me tell you people treat you way differently but, you never know how much money is in somebody’s pocket right? they don’t know how much money I make or don’t make. I’m not dressed like a sob, got some suit jeans up looking cool, got some cool diesel shoes, those are vintage kids and they look brand new I’m telling you. Anyway, I say to myself that if you haven’t entertained for 10 minutes, I’m like you know what I don’t want to buy anything here, no one seems said hello to me, If I was in a different North shore and would have said hello to me I would have bought two pairs of shoes, I would have bought those Merrell trail runners and this cool pair of a6. 200 bucks right there, they missed out on it. All you had to do was acknowledge my existence. Okay, take care of people retail? economy I got on an audio downloaded, I got it on my Iphones about 5 1/2 to 6 hours, it is amazing stuff and Gary has been telling me about that stuff for years he said just care and you should care that is the bottom-line.

Let’s go to the number 2, I just got this gift into mail from glazer Kennedy insider circle. Look at this, it’s a calendar with my name on it. I’m not even sure why they sent it to me. Maybe because I am a certain member or a better member for so long but this isn’t your ordinary lame calendar. I’m going to hang this band boy up, look at this kids, it has got my name on it. I love that. Now look at this it’s got my name on it got the as martin on there all this cool calendars, I’m not sure if it was sent to me because I am a diamond member or its got all the glazer Kennedy meanings. Zach boom beat! New Orleans craziness okay, all this look at how unique this is Zach appearing live tonight. You know how this, you know what this reminds me up? A vision board like what they have in movie secret except they are personalized, they are personalizing this stuff. Holy crap! Wrigley field amazing! shocking! Look at this yacht, boom! that is my wife  right there kicking and chilling out. Oh here I am in my private island, amazing! June 26 forgiveness day, be nice to people. Come on now, check it out this is when I used to play in a majors bang! Heaton home runs I was out of control in a majors, not only when I was an a parie Pitcher, I was also a pitcher. Paul R. was my baseball coach. Before I met Paul R., I was in the hall of fame underhand soft pitch club. Matt Han changed my game unreal but look at how they personalized this. This is unreal, hotdogs not really my style, semi pot.. stuff. Bang! this is when I was in the NFL, Craig was going crazy. I was like Bo. I don’t even know what that guy was saying. He said that baseball is my wife, football is my husband. I mean this is seriously amazing stuff okay boom! happy holidays bang! one million dollars written by Bill Gates.

This is amazing! that is amazing because they did that for me I love them. At my gym, we never ever sell shirts I give it to them. They invest a lot of money to train with us, I give them that stuff every holiday, I make sure we have a holiday gift. This year we have vintage hats. Let me tell you those hats were looks cheap, people were loving them. Here’s another company that gets it. Bang! I love marketing.com Joe P., Steve Jackson, those guys are awesome. I’m not just talking about the free stuff they give away but I’ve been in Joe’s like the introductory portion with his masterminds and their customer care the way they love their people  just blows my mind. Walk into the apple store look at this, sorry for the bad and crazy camera hanging but check this out, I bought that little this is my 3rd iPod. Do I need another iPod? No! but those people that they talk to you, they’re so nice to you, I spoke with two people, this guy –in anything? I love it there!  I love the energy  apple gets it. Now what I think really needs to get it done is look, You either care or you don’t care, you got to have a heart people! Care for people. That is what it is about. I mean I can’t say it in the other way. I’m inspired and blown away by this calendar sent through the glazer Kennedy insider circle. I’m inspired and blown away by how apple cares for people. I love I love marketing.com Joe P., Steve Jackson, Joe’s team of unes, Gina like the ladies they’re just amazing, they get it. In North shoe department. I don’t know what happened over there but whenever I walk in to a place, I was going to buy myself shoes and then I walk to the women’s shoe department and I was going to buy my wife a pair of shoes. They were like $210. There’s one lady who was on the phone, she was on the phone for like 7-8 minutes. She never get off the phone, she saw that we’re looking around and nobody was walking on the floor. Something is wrong in that shoe department. they need to get rid to thank the economy or they need to get rid of those people. If you got employees that don’t care and don’t have a heart? get rid of them! alright? bottom-line is what I’m telling you is you got to love what you do, you got to love the people you’re involved and with who you are taking care of, treat them like golden VIPs. Show the love. That’s what I’m saying. I’m Zach Evenesh, zachsfanpage.com hit me up! and special thanks to Sam figure Sam at Super- trainer.

I love putting this together. I hope everybody got a little information help through this and one last thing I’d like to say is attack your deadlines. Who knows I’ve got deadlines going on every five, ten, fifteen days, put deadlines upon a board. That’s a game changer right there. Peace out! Take care! Comb your hair. Jersy loves you.


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