I want to talk to you about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Do you ever do it?

If so, how far do you step out?

I want to introduce you to Tony, one of my FitRanX Team members out in Texas.

Tony was trying to decide if he should lease out a 133 sq ft facility.

I know a lot of you guys are thinking 133 sq ft???

That’s like the size of my bathroom.

But you have to put yourself in Tony’s shoes.

He’s been running outdoor boot camps and has never had a brick and mortar location.

Taking that step to lease out his own place was stepping way out of his comfort zone.

This is all new territory to him.

I know for some of us that have run larger facilities for a while, it’s hard to think back to when we opened up our first brick and mortar.

That shit was scary!

I have to tell you the truth guys.

I actually had anxiety attacks….that’s right anxiety attacks.

The worst part is I had just gotten out of the Marines when I started my business.

I had just been overseas in hostile territory with bullets flying by my head.

I didn’t have anxiety attacks then.

But the act of starting my own company gave them to me.

What does that tell you?

Opening up your own business is stressful.

So I talked to my TEAM member about how many people he could fit into that small of a spot at one time, not to mention the space that the equipment would take up.

I eventually convinced him to step a little bit further out of his comfort zone and he went with a 500 sq ft spot.

I am extremely proud of him for having the courage to take this huge step.

A lot of times that’s all it takes.

One big decision like that can start that snowball rolling and you only get bigger and bigger and bigger.

And I know that’s what’s going to happen with Tony.

Now I think all of you guys are a little ahead of the game.

I say this because you took the step to actually read this.

You’re not the type of trainers that tries to do everything on their own.

You read and keep up on what’s going on in the industry.

You have already stepped a little bit outside your comfort zone.

Are you ready to take a larger step out of your comfort zone and start your snowball rolling?

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To progress in your business, you need to be an action taker that steps way out of your comfort zone.

The more you do this, the more you get used to it.

The more you get used to it, the further you step out.

The further you step out, the faster your company grows.

Don’t get complacent with where you are.

So I challenge you this week to get out there and see how far you can step outside your comfort zone.

Here are a few things to get you started…

• Start a new relationship with a local business.
• Schedule a public speaking event.
• Start a new refer a friend program.
• Schedule a transformation contest.
• Give yourself deadlines.
• Write out your monthly goals.
• Change someone’s life.

If you’re really serious about growing your business, then join the FitRanX Team below.

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Now get stepping, you may be surprised at how much this will help your business.

Nicholas Rians