As most people are aware, there are many personal trainers in cities across the country and many of them cannot be found online.  I have talked to numerous trainers over the years and some say they don’t need one.  However, it is the same trainer that says when asked, “how do you get your clients” he responds, word of mouth

The same trainer if asked will say that he is busy…booked…  But I don’t see him around the gym that much.  Why?  No web presence….  In todays marketplace, you need to be online, doing social media, twitter, a blog that has original articles on fitness or what ever yuour niche is, it has to be online.



Now, just because your online doesn’t mean that you going to get clients tomorrow or ever,

you still need to work to build a few important things…

With out these three important steps, ya won’t get found brotha!

You site has to be ranking better and show Google that your site is found by more people then your competitor to rank at the top… Having a gold plated web site, with all the bells and whistles with no authority is like tosing a pot of gold in the bottom lake Tahoe and never telling anyone…  Who would know it was even there?  Why would look for it?  No body…


BL or back links are powerfull tools in your PT arsenal..  having more BL’s than your competiton means that you will get found quicker in any search…  Look at Google, Facebook, Craigs list, simple sites by looks, yet tons of back links…  They rull the internet.


Writing is fun yet very challenging.  Finding what the viewers want to hear from you is very hard to achieve…  You can write about your company, what you do, your philosophies, but remember…







Ken Karnack
NPC Masters Bodybuilder
Old School Fitness
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