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Hey. What’s up everyone? This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and today, I want to share with you guys one of the tools that I use in automating my business. It helps with retention. It helps educate all my personal training clients and what I created was a members-only membership site.

Now the reason why I created this membership site is because at our personal training studio, we mainly do small group training, groups of 10 to 15 people at a time and usually – I don’t know if you guys are into this problem but we ran into the problem of talking about nutrition, diets, meal plans, that sort of stuff because we’re in a group setting and usually, back to back hours.

Most of our trainers and myself, we go right into the next hour with another group so what I decided to do, I decided to make a membership site where we talk about nutrition. We created a meal plan, a grocery list, PDF files, videos of our grocery store tour, nutritional tips, all that stuff. So that when our clients, they have personal questions about nutrition, before they come in contact with the trainers or me and my wife, to actually go to this membership site where they have a password and username and they log on into this membership site where they get to watch all our free videos. They learn more about nutritional tips and all that stuff, that we could all save time and concentrate on the workout.

So I want to share with you guys what my membership site looks like. So, as soon as someone logs in, they come straight to this first page where I kind of talk about exactly what they get inside this membership site. So right here, I’m just going to click up here. It’s the grocery store tour and usually with our grocery store tour, this is something that we offer all our personal training clients as soon as they sign up. So we actually do like 90 minutes to our grocery store tour once a month but sometimes there are some people I cannot make the grocery store tour. So about a year ago, I actually recorded about two hours worth of my wife taking people through the grocery store, teach them exactly what kind of foods to eat and so forth.

The next one that we have right here are free workouts. Now sometimes some of our clients, they’re unable to make any of their personal training sessions. So what we decided to do was create different at-home workouts for them to do and actually this is my wife talking right here about a workout circuit that they could do in their house. So this is actually a good resource for a lot of our clients. So just in case they can’t make it in, they could just log on to their membership site and grab some free workouts.

The next thing I have are nutritional tips. Now every single month, I upload brand new video content on here and some of the video content that we have on here, we talk about why it’s important to have a protein shake, why it’s important to have a protein bar, what’s the purpose of egg whites, that sort of stuff.

The cool thing about this is that a lot of these videos do all the selling for us. I know I did a video blog a couple weeks ago about my backend sales and some of the things I do sell. My upsells are protein shakes, protein bars and egg whites. So in this video, my wife is actually talking about the importance of why you need to have protein right after your workouts and this is actually one of our products that we sell.

So the cool thing is that when our clients watch these videos, these video tutorials, a lot of these videos do the selling for us. So if we cannot sell them a protein shake or a heart rate monitor or egg whites at point of sale, they will usually go into this membership site. They will watch the videos and then they come to us asking if they could buy the protein bars and the protein shakes and all the other products that we sell.

So I think that’s pretty cool. I’m going to go to the homepage again and right down here, we talk about the heart rate monitor and why it’s important. Another one, this is one of our upsells that we do in our personal training studio and my wife actually goes over on how to set up your heart rate monitor, how to log it, how to set it up and how to read it.

The other thing that we have right here too is our meal plan and grocery list. So we have a PDF file. I’m actually not going to click on to it but after you click on to it, our grocery lists, our meal plans. We even have directions on how to set up your food log. We actually use a free software SparkPeople where our clients log all their food and they send their emails to us or to their trainers and it teaches them how to food log, how to read their food log, all that sort of stuff.

We also have a “Join us on Facebook”. So sometimes, if some of these people are on Facebook and we don’t know if they’re on Facebook, at least we let them know that we have a fan page. So this actually helps with our fan page growth and we just link them over to our fan page right over here.

The next thing I want to share with you guys is our fitness blog. So the whole purpose of the membership site is to create that value, create that community and while they’re on this site, we want to keep them linked towards all our information as long as possible. So we even linked our fitness blog to the membership site. So after they get done watching their video tutorials, they could take a look at the membership site right over here.

That is about it for me today, you guys. I just want to share with you guys this membership site. I think it’s a great tool especially if you’re doing boot camps, if you’re doing group training because I know it’s really hard to sit there with each and every individual person and talk about nutrition and why nutrition is important.

When you guys set up your membership site, if you guys choose to, it’s a great tool because it kind of puts everything on automatic so it’s just a really great resource for all your personal training clients for them to go to. It helps increase value for your program. It separates you from the rest of the competition. It’s super easy to set up.

Maybe I will do another video blog on how to set up a membership site but that is it. That is one of my techniques or one of my tools that I use to increase my perceived value for my business and it helps with retention and it constantly positions my business as the authority in my market.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any questions about how to set up a membership site or anything that I had on this video, please let me know and I will make sure that I will answer everything for you. This is Christian from Super-Trainer.com and I will talk to you guys soon.


Christian “Hurricane” Aguirre
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