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Hey. What’s up, guys? My name is Michael Duivis and before I start this video, I want to say thank you to Sam Bakhtiar for letting me in to this super cool family that we have here on Super-Trainer.com. Right here to the left, there’s a sidebar of all the people that are part of the Super-Trainer thing. I’m really happy to be part of it.

Now today, I’m going to show you my indoor boot camp facility, my standalone boot camp facility and I just want to give you some small tips that I found to work best when you’re designing a facility like this. So maybe you’re looking to move your boot camp from outdoors to indoors or maybe you’re just trying to get a standalone right from the get-go. So let me show you right now.

First off, I’m going to start off with the building itself. This is my front door. That’s my big door right there. Now I can open that up of course but my front door for the first five months that I was doing boot camp, I had no signage at all. I had no way of people getting in touch with me. I just wasn’t thinking.

So I would have a lot of people come through during the day when I didn’t have boot camp and they had no idea what this was. So they were interested in signing up but they couldn’t contact me.

So first off, I started getting a yellow and black banner that says, “Text ‘bootcamp’ to,” the contact formula number. So when they get that, they text it. They get a free week pass right away with a link to my website and that alone, the sign cost me like $40. It has gotten me at least one paid-in-full a month. So you do the math. It’s a good return in investment.

Let’s go inside real quick. I’m going to show you the equipment real quick. So this is my little foyer. Just follow me. This is where all the walk-ins come and what I’m going to do in the future is have a little laptop right here installed. You can get a laptop for $200, $300. Install it there. Always have it set to one specific website and that website is an opt-in page where walk-ins can come in, enter their information so that you can set it up through a contact formula or your email service that they get an autoresponder right after they leave and a text message right after they leave.

So instead of having papers all over the place like, “Hey, are you interested in a freebie trial?” you know how it works. People enter information in and you have all these papers. They don’t know what to do with the papers. It’s getting digital so in the future, I will have a laptop right here and then I might get some plants in here but anyway, let’s move over here.

This is my workout facility. Now, one quick tip I want to tell you guys. The most expensive thing when designing your facility is going to be the flooring and carpet-bonded foam is $2.22 a square foot and if you look at anything that’s cheaper than that, it’s going to be $1.50 square foot anyway. So you might as well get carpet-bonded foam because if you look at it – I don’t know if you can see on the camera. It’s carpet with about three-eighths of inch of foam below it and I’ve had it right now for over nine months and no problems yet. So yes, so far it’s going good.

Now, second thing or third thing I want to show you guys is the Battling Ropes. The Battling Ropes are going to take up a lot of space but you got to anchor it. Let me show you how we anchor them. Zoom in a little bit. So right here, what you do is real simple. You get somebody to drill a hole into the ground and the ground is going to be concrete. So get somebody to drill a hole then you get a little eye bolt and if you can see it right here, I put it through the carpet. A little eye bolt and you drill that in there. You put Epoxy in there so it doesn’t go anywhere. You just get a little simple little carabiner and then a little ring and then you’re all good. This right here is solid. It hasn’t broken ever since and even if it does, it’s a small repair.

Let’s head over here to the jungle gym. Now I used to have TRX bands that didn’t really work out for me. I actually found the jungle gym to be way more because they’re independent so the jungle gym – let’s start with this. This right here is two independent straps so even if you have a class of let’s say 10, you can all have them to work in rows or just [0:04:12] [Inaudible] jungle gym. Plus there’s just so much more you can do with a jungle gym compared to the TRX but I would hang them on a pull-up bar and not against the wall because if you hang it against the wall, there’s not a lot of stuff you can do. You’re making yourself a whole range of motion so these pull-up bars right here, they were $50 each. Installation was easy. Just drill holes into the wall and jungle gyms are $100 each so it’s really cheap.

So that’s that. One more thing I want to show you guys is sandbags. These, right here, are like $30, $40 a piece. You order them and you have to fill them with sand, with dry sand but there are so many things you can do with these. Instead of regular sandbags that are like really heavy and kind of complicated, these can act as dumbbells. They can act as throwing objects. Slam it into the floor. They just won’t break at all. So that.

Then of course we have balls. We have sliders and dumbbells but the main point that I want to bring home in this very, very long video is that when you’re designing your indoor boot camp facility, keep it like the kindergarten. You want to imagine that there’s a bunch of kids coming in here and you do not want them to get hurt. So I would not have any metal, no pile of box [0:05:32] [Indiscernible], nothing like that.

One more thing I want to show you, you don’t want to have your indoor facility be totally bland. So I got these banners right here and these are actually really big. They’re 20 by 10 feet and I got some over there and go to BannerBuzz.com. Super cheap. I think for all of these, I paid $1000. So that was really good.

So leave me a comment below. Thank you so much for watching. Hello Sam. I hope you’re doing great and I will talk to you guys soon.


Michael “The Engineer” Duivis