So Here is My Normal Schedule.


  • 3:15am Wake Up
  • 4:00-5:30am Workout (At a different gym than my own. I don’t believe in working and working out at the same place)
  • 5-30-7:00am Shower, breakfast at corner bakery (Usually Anaheim Scramble and oatmeal)
  • 7am-4pm Work on my business either from my home office, gym office or Starbucks.
  • 4pm-8pm Family time. On Tuesday and Thursdays I pick up my princess from Chino Hills Christian School
  • 8pm-10pm Read whatever book I am reading while watching a fight. (I TIVO all boxing and UFC fights)


  • Same as Monday-Thursday but  catch up on reading on the beach. 8am-5pm.  Later date night with Wifey.



  • Daddy and me day – That’s the day I spend the whole day with my little princess. Usually take her to the Park, Water Park, Disneyland or just to great Grandma and Grandpa’s house. (I wish one day I get to see my great grandchildren). Saturdays also gives wifey a break from the little princess. VERY IMPORTANT YOU NEWLY FATHERS. KEEP HER HAPPY AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE HAPPY ;)


  • Family and church day. Time to get right with God and spend quality time with my girls ;)


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