For all you you other trainers out there that are old enough to remember 80’s television, we really had some action hits …

There was the Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man,the A-Team, and just too many more shows to count that probably shaped our addiction to action, speed, and muscle.

Among these shows was one I loved in Particular, The Six Million Dollar Man, about a jet pilot horribly injured in a test run; they rebuilt him out of robotic parts into a super, prototype crime fighter with amazing strength, speed, and power.

In Personal Training, there’s one guy that conjures up the same images, a prototype star with super powers, on  a mission of his own, and that’s my buddy Dave Parise.

Dave wasn’t born – he was assembled from the parts of past great trainers.  He runs a high end training studio doing over a million a year in sales, so you could call him the million dollar man, but what’s even more impressive is how he does it …

He does it without running a boiler room type sales organization – no pushy sales tactics, no aggressive marketing, no high priced info products. Simply high level service, a committment to trainng excellence, and good public relations.

There’s nothing wrong with all of the stuff you learn here about marketing and getting the most for what you’ve got, but we always need to keep it balanced with a good dose of Dave!

Dave recenlty put a guest post together for the blog, and just like any great guest, Dave threw in some plugs for my old Top-Level Trainer Manual, which I heard he printed out and handed to all of his trainers over at Results Plus in Hamden Connecticut.  The timing of this post couldn’t have been more perfect, as I was planning to bring back the TLT Manual sometime in the near future.

You’ll also learn from Dave’s own success wisdom, as well as get a feel for his own manic intensity.   Dave runs a very strong team of elite trainers, which you can check out on his site about Hamden Connecticut Personal Training,

Re-Thinking Top- Level Trainer Strategy in a Down Economy: Go Beyond The Common Trainer and Create Your Own Mold!

by Dave Parise CPT FPTA


I have been overwhelmed and inundated with clients! I am sorry I have been out of the blog scene. I want to be honest with you; I never thought I could increase my revenue streams by changing my entire thought process. I want to say with confidence not cockiness “WHAT RECESSION?!?!”

You know after 25 years in the trenches I can’t tell you how happy and fulfilled my life has been. I have developed specific dynamic ways to implement strategic modalities to be a little better then the other guy. My passion, my fit lifestyle, my u-stress, and the ability to lead myself as well as my team have opened so many opportunities. But there is a story behind all that has flourished over the last 15 years. I never truly realized how much wealth and rewards would start after ending the insanity of being a gym / fitness center trainer.

But it gets better – today I need to inform you of what occurred after reading the Top-Level Trainer Manual – it helped me take my training program to an unsurpassed level.

The book expounded a theory of value innovation, whereby trainers who work in gyms waiting for something to be different, or sell the next client for 10 visits are caught up in competitive waste lands! I call this ‘living for the moment”.  The competition is fierce and the water gets bloody – I NEVER THOUGHT I could reconstruct my market boundaries, thereby creating overwhelming revenue streams –serene new market spaces in uncharted waters. Value innovation was defined as creating a leap in value for clients while lowering costs and increasing revenue for Results Plus. I call that working smart for today, setting the pace for tomorrow and reaping the rewards for the future.

Kaiser – In a so-called down economy, the potential of finding highly profitable revenue streams became irresistible to me. In reality, however, finding enough to fulfill my elaborate lifestyle, and fund my center proved very difficult. I turned to the Top Level Trainer Manual program in part because I humble when I say I needed help!

Is the The Top-Level Trainer Maual obsolete? No. Instead, it’s lessons need to be reinterpreted in relation to personal trainer realities. It offered me many useful insights, whether I was ready and ripe for transformation or not. I can say nothing has inspired me so much!


What I have learned from The Top Level Trainer Manual:

Quit the moanin’, groanin’ and complainin’ …

You’re wasting so much time complaining that you don’t have any money, life’s unfair, and that you’re unlucky. If you took some of the effort it takes to complain and put it towards something good, you’d be amazed at the results.

I’m sorry to say it but no one really cares what you’re complaining about. If you want something done, you MUST do it yourself.

Tick… tock… The clock hands are still moving.

Questions to ask yourself and answer:

* What’s preventing me from taking action? Is it fear? Embarrassment?
* Is it physically holding me down?
* Who created these barriers?

You are your greatest enemy. You are the one who is your toughest critic; your biggest competition; and your greatest enemy. Right now this is preventing you from taking action but once you get going, it’ll all be beneficial for improving yourself.

Money – I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll keep saying it: you do not need a lot of money to turn your dreams into reality and become successful.

Turn your frustrations into something beneficial.  If you’re complaining then something is frustrating you. The best thing to do is use that frustration to empower you. Difficult times and circumstances can either force someone to give up, if they’re weak; for the strong, it’ll fuel their fire.

A few things to remember:

* No one is going to rescue you; not even the government.
* YOU are the one who is preventing you from success.
* And you hold the key to living the life you desire. You just have to unlock the door.
* The clock is ticking. Tick… tock…

Secrets – There are absolutely no secrets that pertain to accomplishing goals, achieving success, or living the life you desire. You know that it takes persistence, patience, hard work, positivity, passion, and focus. Most people just want to deny this fact and rather pursue finding the easy way out.

Time –There’s always seemingly overnight success stories that make people believe they can take one step toward success and the next day they’ll be rich and famous. But these stories leave out the parts about all the frustrations and the hard work that went into the successful result. They leave it out because no one wants to read it.

After you’ve asked yourself these questions; you’ve probably come to an interesting conclusion. YOU are the one preventing yourself from getting off your behind. It’s the fear you’ve created and it’s the embarrassment you think you’ll have to endure. Almost none of these barriers are physically present; you’re just imagining them in your head.

You can’t go back in time, but the next best thing is now. To get ahead tomorrow, you need to start today. The clock is ticking.

Tick… tock…

(Getting off your ass) Checklist

· Passion – If you don’t have passion for whatever it is you’re doing, you’re likely to fall right back on your butt.
· Positivity & a sense of humor

· Beneficial friends – You need to have friends who will help you rise when you fall; not ones who are sitting on their own asses.

· A model – Not Adriana Lima, or Selita Ebanks (WOW!), but someone who has achieved what you want to. Read everything about them, listen to them, and model your mind like theirs. You must retain your own uniqueness as well, never steal ideas, or try to be someone else.

· A smile – You’d be surprised at how far it’ll get you.
· Focus
· A strong will

· A past failure – Why? To motivate your ass to never taste defeat like that again.

Sorry for the long written post, I just had to write and tell you the information you’re providing has changed my thought process. If you can change my thoughts, you’ve accomplished the holy frickin grail! I am the last of the trench trainers, and my prototype is impermeable. I now humbly say Thanks again!

PS. I simply equate “Top level Trainer” to placing a slab of raw meat in front of the ravenous fierce king of the meat-eaters… a tyrant cruel ruler – Tyrannosaurus Rex. It makes me feel like WTF why would anyone not want to be satiated with this wealth of “HOW TO” knowledge. It was right under my nose – I had to stop smelling it, and taste it for myself!

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